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  1. https://www.bmj.com/content/337/bmj.a748 BMA meeting: Doctors vote to limit number of medical students The bma are a bunch of self serving ####s Their statement/motives should be questioned
  2. Sounds like the lies Cameron used to grab power... Then look what he did. Same establishment/bankers in NZ, OZ and fUKed
  3. They should be.. But I'd not bet against the boe being evil enough to ignore the inflation and keep rates at 0. Its possible, just look at what the government are doing. They're about to take away people's rights now to speak out anonymously in the Internet. Can't protest it seems. Can't use certain worlds 6 more months of emergency powers These evil shysters are up to something and it won't be in our favour. .
  4. Too funny. Didn't you just remortgage onto your 350pcm deal.
  5. IO mortgage only has 8 years to run...wonder where house prices will be by then. Perhaps, after all that, he'll lose after all.
  6. Jeese, these people are beyond parody. Using Christmas to coerce adults into having a jab they don't need and which clearly doesn't work. They're trying to turn society against people who won't comply. This is how they get people to match to war and die to keep their status quo. Its time society moved forward and grew up but it can't with these psychos in charge
  7. There's that troll phrase... Echo chamber... You sure your not running several accounts? Can't lose on pwopatee echos quite a lot round here
  8. Did they really say that? If they did these bullying puerile out of touch evil nasty ####s need to be removed from their position.
  9. He sounds like a 2 bit mortgage broker/estate agent trying to encourage people to get mortgage deals while still on offer. Is he on the bbc?
  10. Is that the bloke that just pops in now and again to see how we all are getting along? 🤡
  11. Another biggy. "FOR SALE WITH TENANT IN SITU" Another BTLer rushing for the exit. Not the worse place I've ever seen. Probably looks cheap to a southerner
  12. Would comparing Amess' tragic death to this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichstag_fire be allowed ? The day after the fire, the Reichstag Fire Decree was passed. The Nazi Party used the fire as a pretext to claim that communists were plotting against the German government, which made the fire pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.
  13. + council tax + f**k all on your savings + 1.50 a litre of fuel + house heating + + + + There are so many people on the edge just to get on the pyramid, any price rises are a potential disaster.
  14. I was just gong to post this somewhere and this is as good a place as any. Looking at the 2 year gilt versus the BoE base rate, the spivs are expecting a 1% base rate very soon. We could find out the direction of travel in 2 weeks....
  15. £300K for a council flat. It's not a bubble, dont worry folks. Morville House, Fitzhugh Grove, London, SW18 See map Offers in Excess of £300,000 Monthly mortgage payments Reduced today Price Change History 20/10/2021 Price changed from £350,000 to £300,000 12/08/2021 Price changed from £375,000 to £350,000 30/06/2021 Price changed from £400,000 to £375,000 15/06/2021 Initial entry found: £400,000
  16. 50% off in harrowgate for retirees. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/79732340#/?channel=RES_BUY ollins Hall, Hampsthwaite, HG3 2WY See map Guide Price £150,000 Monthly mortgage payments Reduced today Price Change History 20/10/2021 Price changed from £180,000 to £150,000 20/08/2021 Price changed from £225,000 to £180,000 12/11/2020 Price changed from £250,000 to £225,000 19/05/2020 Price changed from £299,950 to £250,000 02/03/2019 Initial entry found: £299,950
  17. That's what I thought. Is the grubby end of the market mostly. In the past when I've see 30%+ falls it's usually a shared ownership job. I am now starting to think they will defintely keep looking through inflation because their investments will collapse if they dont We are totally ****ed.
  18. When I saw it I thought...surely the tenant could buy it now. If only the scumbag LL hadn't taken all their money through rent so couldn't save for a deposit.
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