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  1. This is what we've been saying on here for a few years now. There is no good outcome. This all stopped being about house prices years ago now, this is about freedom, democracy, wealth preservation, your children, the future, what sort of country you want to live in, sustainability, immigration, oppression. I wonder if the moronic trolls get it yet.
  2. What was the conclusion, buy gold, crypto, Swiss francs, property, stay in cash? The website Brough up a register overlay before i finished reading
  3. Its not really a semi in dunstable,its a uk based asset that can be packaged and sold to investors
  4. Their actions over the last 13 years would say this is correct. What information is that fat robbing **** in hold of a week after the MPC meeting that they didnt have then ? Why not raise IRs last week, even 0.1% and that shock alone would have made people thing there are serious. Recently history dictates they're just lying. However, there is a fair chance this time, given what the other CBs are doing that the US are about to tighten and raise IRs the UK will follow. They are, after all, in it together after all. The BoE/Government's policies of making work not pay, stealing savings,rward work shy morons from top to bottow is a disaster for the UK and it needs to be reversed
  5. 0.15% to 0.25% Shooting up to 0.5% by this time next year. They're properly taking the p.I.s.s.
  6. It's a shame all these people losing jobs cant move areas because of the F**KING INSANE HOUSE PRICES AND RENTS. You cant make this stuff up.
  7. The Tories deserve no credit for their actions unless it's under oath.
  8. Great minds think alike....fools seldom differ....we have two of these threads now. I personally think they are trying to talk the market down, yet again. He's said that inflaiton is a bigger problem than expected but that might cause a bit of tightening. What a ****.
  9. Well, I assume it's ending. So it'll be 1/3 months before reality strikes depending on contracts of the people furloughed. It's worth reminding people that Rishi's hand outs were to keep the rich corporations going and make sure people paid their mortgages. Exceptional circumstances perhaps but I'm pretty sure we have a flu season every year that does as much damage as CV19. Sunak and his ilk are more of a disease than CV19.
  10. As they say in Canada, words speak louder than actions: https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/boes-bailey-sees-strengthening-case-rate-rise-2021-09-27/ BoE's Bailey sees growing case for interest rate rise
  11. Does furlough end at midnight on Thursday? What effect will it have ? I thought they might extend it but maybe they've read the limit of how insane they are willing to be to support the rich. Friend of mine in Oz told me today house prices round him were 30% higher in a year but everyone was losing their jobs or the business was collapsing and it made no sense. Is common sense set to make an unfashionable return ?
  12. As far as I am concerned RR is the star of the show. I'm just copying them off Property Lion. Those are all good finds but as usual I just look at the reduced price and think they're still crazy prices.
  13. Same arithmetic, trying to defeat arithmetic is like prying to god for a lottery win.
  14. It's only really a bubble if you dont own a house, or you actually have to work for a living and/or refuse to live off the backs of other people likes some useless scumbag If the bubble in 2007 needed to collapse 50%, this one needs to go down 70%, real or nominally. Collpase one way or another is inevitable.
  15. Why would anyone bother staying in the UK now. BOMAD needs to be renamed MADPOW ( Mum and Dad's POnzi Withdrawl )
  16. Why would inteerst rates going up ever be a bad thing ? Better return on your savings, your wages worth more, the price of shelter falling. The only people telling you IR rises are bad are the people who are going to lose out when they do.
  17. It's gone into "Housing Wealth", i.e. the pockets of the rich.
  18. Why would the BBC stoke the housing bubble mania. The BBC Chairman, ex GS banker mate of Sunak's will hopefully end up in the same cell as him.
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