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  1. There will be more. Im not ruling out a large deflationary event now. The system is too unstable, will fly widely one way and the other
  2. US house prices up 22% in a year I've just read. You cant lose, get in now.
  3. I dont disagree with you, I think UK is about to be shocked how quickly the wheels can come off. We might have a nominal flash crash followed by another 30% real term drop. One thing for sure is, the paradigm has shifted.
  4. Here are some of the headlines from OZ/NZ/Canada. I dont think it'll be a flash crash...it'll be a Japan Crash. Prices down, never to return.
  5. read between the lines....it's bloody obvious... They have made a giant hole in sales and are falling into it.
  6. Just because you and 99% of the country cant afford a bog standard house that a bin man used to be able to buy does not mean the prices are crazy.
  7. I think the decency of people/neighbors is inversely proportional to the price of your house.
  8. I dont think they get it. The chances are they wont be repossessed and will spent a lifetime trying to cover losses.
  9. I didn't believe you then and I don't do believe you now Confirmation bias in action
  10. Yes. I was joking. 1000s of hungry people might be less inclined to joke though. Sadly, I think this is where we are headed.
  11. Hey TheWig, Nice to see you pop up with your usual classic one liner.
  12. BURN THE EVIL LANDLORD SCUM Joking aside....if the UK has a hyper inflationary collapse and end up like Nazi Germany...who do you think are going on the long train journeys to the work camps in Scotland ?
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