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  1. In reply to Frederico I have considered all of what you mention.
  2. IMO its only a matter of time until the M6 Toll is nationalised, Its ridiculous that it is sat there pretty much empty most of the time when the M6 is gridlocked.
  3. Good post Prescience, After following this site since 2005 and realising that its basically a rigged market I purchased a 3 bed detached house in Worcestershire in 2014, the mortgage payment is barely any more than the rent we were paying on a 2 bed semi so it made sense to buy.
  4. They are all moving to Birmingham, they have even built a nice new train station for them.
  5. Sorry to drag up an old thread, but how is everyone's job security looking at the moment ? anyone getting pay rises ?
  6. I currently work in waste recycling, my jobs looking ok for the next few years.
  7. Anything that curtails the activities of these agency's has to be a good thing, unfortunately im sure the slimy parasites will find a way around it.
  8. oh well, its only the boomers property thats burning.
  9. to right, back in the day i was lucky if i was given an old cardboard box or a pencil and told to sod off outside and that was at christmas !
  10. what the hell has happened to this site? its terrible now !
  11. Good post, im sure the reason for the dislike of tradesmen on here is because a lot of trades earn a fair bit more than the 'university graduates' that have worked so hard for their bits of paper and who expect to earn much more than grubby tradesmen working with their hands.
  12. Lol exellent, i bet they never expected him to do that, probably thought he'd just go away after chasing them for 5 years.
  13. If you want massive repair bills when it goes wrong, which contrary to popular belief they do.
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