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  1. Until I read BB's quote I thought you were talking about Katie Price!
  2. But if you remember in the early days, there was plenty of commentary suggesting smoking lessened the chances of catching COVID. Here is one little gem from this thread!
  3. More self inflicted outcomes from a minor virus: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/27/smokers-much-more-likely-to-be-admitted-to-hospital-with-covid-19-study-suggests So did we lockdown to save the fat, the old and now smokers?
  4. Interesting shift in Brexit polling: https://www.statista.com/statistics/987347/brexit-opinion-poll/ Even Daily Mail readers seem to be abandoning Brexit. Another 3 months of this and nobody asked will admit to having backed Brexit.
  5. PS - if font size 10^23 were available, it would be highly appropriate!
  6. (Apologies for the 48 font, but it makes a point!) To which I'd retort, people with COVID don't even notice it! So apparently, my kids currently have COVID. At school one day one of them complained to matron of having a slight headache, and was sent home. We were subsequently forced to do PCR test on both as otherwise they can't return to school; both came back as positive. The only thing I'll say, is that since the "mild headache" which was more likely due to dehydration as my eldest forgets to drink water and insists on wearing his blazer when its 25C+, no one else in the house had any symptoms of anything - I've even put in a record 10K time. So what exactly is this disease which seems even less consequential than a single sneeze?
  7. FE colleges are mostly out of date and a waste of time. I once did a summer holiday club (aged 11) organised via the Council at a local FE College - I was berated by the instructor (a college lecturer) for finishing all his challenges too quickly and he accused me of having donr the course before and knowing the answers. Yes, it was BBC Micro coding in BASiC and I had an Acorn Electron, but that is fairly unreasonable behaviour from an adult teacher. I just think FE staff are third rate.
  8. Agree costs on woke subjects should be reduced. But top notch physicists, biologists, neurologists, chemists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, astronmers, engineers etc probably deserve more!
  9. These are the people who should be stripped of their nationality and transported to a remote Continental Scale Island in the Pacific.
  10. Yes, I've got 2 of those, they are my every day ones! They are really nice, and faster than the originals.
  11. Indeed. I have my own view and that is that the whole C19 situation is an overblown reaction, based on the fact that we have a heavy demographic overhang of fat and old people with medical conditions. Some on this forum, take exception to that view, despite it being quite plainly true. As evidence, I submit the fact that 32m qualify for a booster jab. Also, while UK labour statistics says 32.3 m are employed, I'd contend that really figures is a lot lower than that, probably more like 24m that are actually paying their way. This links back to the baby shortage thread I started, our demographics stink.
  12. I realise you meant the UK, for a minute I thought you meant HPC. Do any of us come over as hostile trolls, or is more that people sensibly don't accept everything Government tells them?
  13. I know, that one is overpriced, though you need to check the age. It is the US made originals from the early 1980s that go for silly money.... £700-1000 is about right for one of those. The later Chinese ones are more £200. You can make quite a good bit of money if you find a US one at the Chinese model price. Sometimes people find them in drawers and sell them without knowing.
  14. Yes, I cut my programming teeth on programmable calculators before getting a computer as a child. Some of the Vintage HP business models are offered at crazy money: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-HP-16C-Scientific-Calculator-Working-Vintage0
  15. After my points call is Mikhail could go big! Just waiting on the judges! Though I was backing Joshua! PS - you can buy the book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mikhail-Immortal-Duology-Nash-Lantey/dp/B08D4VQBCP/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=mikhail
  16. Demographics count though too and China's are not great!
  17. Hopefully we are now waking up to to the threat posed by China. The UK has been asleep on this issue for sometime with former PMs activity courting Beijing. Whilst Russia can provide annoyance, I don't think they are a long term strategic threat. We ought to work on brining them in from the cold as well as sort out better links with Africa. If course we also need to repair the damage with Europe.
  18. Fortunately mine are too young to have the vaccine in the UK, though I see the US aiming at babies. I guess if the have proof of COVID they won't need to wear today's digital equivalent of a yellow star.
  19. I still maintain underlying poor heath is the issue, and in severe cases the vaccines won't help. In contrast, we currently have a kid with Covid in the house he was sent home from school after saying he had a mild change in taste. He then had to have a negative PCR before being allowe back, the first one was positive, but since the mild change of taste he has had no symptoms and neither has anyone in the house.
  20. I drove passed Spoons in Guildford this evening, if one had it, they all do!
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