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  1. That said money can help with health. Lower stress is one thing. But being able to afford a bigger house also has benefits. I'm lucky enough to own a reasonably large house, 4 times the average size, and certainly 10-12 times some of the smallest. Walking over 6000 steps a day is a good predictor of future health. I do 8000 on a lazy day round the house just moving between rooms, I also have a well kitted gym. Ok people in small flats can go out for a walk, but do they?
  2. The illustration of selfishness can be made on both sides. Boomers have underpaid and now want free stuff, plus gold plated pensions. Millennials can't afford to live and want lower taxes and cheaper homes (probably with boomers leaving in a box). and in the middle GenX is pissed at having its ability to save for retirement clobbered by the Government through higher taxes, capped allowances and then being asked to wait until 67.
  3. A good summary. Much is self inflicted though the tricks to sell addiction are at fault too. The trouble is the bottomless pit is not viable. Looking at the Covid booster stats, 32m are eligible. Whilst some of those might be 56 year old boomers still working and a few with health issues that are working, it is clear that in 5 years time the UK will be stuffed!
  4. Nice summary. That is the entire problem. I think the UK is actually heading for bankruptcy of a sort. The demographics stink. In Norway they put all the oil receipts in a state run fund. Here we had less proportionate oil benefits, but a larger economy. The Governments, elected by the boomers chose not to save for their future. The boomers have simply not paid enough in to get the services they now want. The only trump they have, given so many are now retiring is property assets and the government seems to be ring fencing those.
  5. Most are takers, may be it should all be contributions based.
  6. That old canard. As we know that is really tax spent at the time. The issue is that the Government is technically insolvent.
  7. I do believe these things need to be paid for out of income. Right now everything is borrowing and we have a large generational overhang without sufficient workers to pay for it. Borrowing to treat a boomer might well deny someone ekse treatment in the future. I'm actually thinking hiusing assets should be used to pay fir some of this.
  8. The UK seems to have turned into a nation of whinging baby-boomers obsessed with their personal medical matters. I don't personally like Boris, but in the past politicians did focus on wages and economics. No it seens the debate has turned into a sort of Daily Mail medical supplement. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10052941/Calls-Boris-Johnson-apologise-asks-Britons-focus-wages-NOT-cancer-cases.html#article-10052941 I do think as nation we are getting obsessed with things that let people take from the system instead of generating wealth to pay for it. Is this the problem?
  9. Well I agree two sided is too simple. I personally prefer multidimensional debates. In five-dimensional geometry, a 5-cube is a name for a five-dimensional hypercube with 32 vertices, 80 edges, 80 square faces, 40 cubic cells, and 10 tesseract 4-faces.
  10. 100% is fine, I normally do 200-300% of most people, and allow time for strategic thinking - which is underrated by most. If the work is objectives based then 100% is 100%
  11. I will confess I've done this sort of thing for short periods, often when switching between jobs. For some reason I've had bosses on a 3 occasions who can't accept a resignation and don't do the paperwork on time - often quite wilfully. My best ever though was for 6 weeks back in 2009 and I was office based in the new role for a short time. I left my old laptop from the old job running at home have installed Go To My PC, and then went into the new job and office and did that work, occasionally checking in on the old job by logging into my old laptop. That said, I'm a quick worker, so comparatively I can often do in 2 hours what might take someone else eight hours.
  12. Fortunately for me the sort of person who is quite happy with the room temperature being at 5C. That said my wife likes the thermostat at 25C. I swear ladies are responsible for global warming and higher heating bills.
  13. 100%, I said at the start if the pandemic that this was nature's way of clearing away the deadwood. If we'd let rip, may be another 100k frail burdens on the state might have died, but most of these people will be dead come 2023/4 anyway. Now contrast this instead to the damage done to 9m kids. I've also just posted a link to a summary of verdicts on face masks. The only thing that really works is herd immunity, either via infection or vaccine.
  14. The final verdict on masks: http://www.justfacts.com/news_face_masks_deadly_falsehoods
  15. No that was GCSE and A-Level, no professors involved at that stage. My degree is in Engineering, though I did some economics on that too. I also have a Masters.
  16. This is worth a read. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-28/housing-affordability-border-closure-interest-rates-supply/100494954 It does some what dispel the idea of some of the Brexit classes that its all those "furriners coming over and buying our houses and cutting wages" Essentially the blame lies with interest rates.
  17. Worth reading: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17248065 https://economistsview.typepad.com/economistsview/2006/01/milton_friedman.html
  18. I'm worth over £3m in my 40s, but that is housing, stocks and a well paid job. No need to retire yet either, I'm fit as a fiddle that been on a boot camp, and can still absorb and apply new information with ease. I might actually do a PhD when I retire.
  19. Of course we covered Austrian theory and Keynesianism too. But there was a mix of theory and empirical work, hence the YTS. I also did a bit of work on land theory. But of course being post 80s there was plenty of von Mises, Friedmen and Hayek. I've still got my copy of Lipsey at home.
  20. Is that one from the original 10, or the new extended list of 24? PS - I did too! I happen to recall studying the YTS as a Government Policy during Economics lessons.
  21. Wasn't this YTS - Youth Training Scheme aka Your Ticket to Slavery
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