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  1. Well, severely curtailed. It isn't being given to the under 40s due to the clotting risk. Most of the over 50s/vulnerable had Pfizer or something else, snd the policy isn't to mix. So it only leaves the 40-50 range in play for AZ, but most of those have been jabbed and there is no booster on offer. So I'd say AZ hasn't been completely withdrawn, but I can't see many doses being given now. They certainly won't give that to kids. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-57021738.amp https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/06/01/1002067808/astrozenecas-rocky-rollout-the-woes-of-the-vaccine-of-the-world
  2. Is that why the AZ one seems to have been quietly pulled in the UK? Sputnik is the same as AZ. They aren't giving it to the under 40s here now due to clots, and my guess is most of the over 50s had pfizer, so would assume a similar booster. Irrespective of that, I don't know anyone who had AZ that got ill subsequently with C19, though in all honesty I don't know anyone who got badly ill with C19 before the jabs. As said, we had kids with positive PCRs following being sent home from school 3 weeks back, but zero symptoms from anyone in the house. I still strongly think this whole exercise has been about defending a few elderly people and immunity cripples at the expense of everyone else's lives.
  3. This is a piece of academic research receiving the Daily Mail treatment (clearly the Mail missed the irony of itself reporting this). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10099793/Most-lies-told-superliars-rest-people-fairly-honest-finds-study.html#article-10099793 That said, I think this has implications for politics and economics. A lot of asset prices seem to be built on lies, with many businesses built on a pack of lies, especially in the property sector. I also see BoJo as the king liar.
  4. Well I've fortunately got 3 years left on my 5 year fix with HSBC, and have paid off half the mortgage. By the time my fix finishes I'll be at 1/3 of the original loan left. Though to be honest, variable rates now are quite a bit lower than my fixed rate from 2 years back.
  5. At least quite a few of the Eastern European women are reasonably attractive and might produce aesthetically pleasing kids. There has been a bit of an issue with fully native Brits in some of the more inbred outer-reaches getting a bit fugly. Might that account for the lower fertility rate? https://thetab.com/2015/07/16/british-people-ugly-45482
  6. Pets as they reached their end of life are also a great proxy for how the partners will handle ageing parents and in-laws. My wife seems to be the no effort spared sort, I'm more in the take them round the back of the woodshed sort.
  7. I remember cars at work getting trapped in an undercroft, due to deep snow and an icy ramp.
  8. Indeed, I am well versed in the complexities of weather simulation and forecast hence the tongue in cheek post. I won't mention the butterfly effect, as otherwise BoJo Mr Follow-the-science will be out with his lepidopterists' net.
  9. Don't worry, climate change is here to save the Tory Party's bacon: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/10/14/mild-winter-could-protect-households-soaring-energy-bills/ As a pre-Bojo Tory, I find this lack of planning and hope something will turn up worthy of a benefits claimant with a gambling habit!
  10. Indeed, and even attempts to placate Brexiters by trying to constructively tackle the issues caused by Brexit get punished. Interestingly, this Guardian article saying Brexit isn't as disastrous as thought now looks badly dated: Brexit is a failure: but, to remainers’ frustration, it’s not a spectacular one https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/aug/24/brexit-failure-remainers-shelves-empty-eu In my mind whilst previous debates often took a line of was the problem due to COVID or Brexit, it is now clear Covid was simply masking Brexit. Covid rolling back is like a waiter in a smart restaurant removing the cover on a dish, saying "voilà" only to reveal a hot steaming turd.
  11. That is quite steep, my bill for 4 is about £220 a week, and we stick to M&S/Waitrose. Probably used to spend more, but decided to cut back on meat and eat more fish instead.
  12. I'm amazed how many don't understand the need to invest early in a pension whilst young. Half my current pension fund is from my first proper job, but i was only paying in about 1/4 of what i have been paying recently. It's just compounded with dividend reinvestment.
  13. Looks like PCR testing isn't producing enough Positive results for some; they now want to know why people with cold like symptoms and are positive lateral flow tests are showing up negative on PCR: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/12/calls-for-inquiry-as-negative-covid-pcr-tests-after-positive-lateral-flow-reported
  14. Interesting article from the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/buy-to-let/low-interest-rates-thing-landlords-had-left-now-losing/ But apparently they can raise rents:
  15. Probably because the death toll hasn't been high enough for the virus to work out of the system. The point I am making is that the virus picks off the weak, instead of clearing them in one/two hits, we are just dragging the pandemic and the additional externalities out.
  16. Yes, broadly speaking. There is of course variation and a good diet and healthy eating can help, but then there is also the luck of the draw. I think part of the c19 panic was not just down to cynical profit motives, but some very rich and self important people being made to reflect on the possibility of their own mortality. Or may be the gift under trust for the kids had not had its 7 years to avoid tax. Also, you can tell this pandemic response has been a mess, the 1918 Spanish Flu was over in far less time. C19 is heading for its second anniversary.
  17. That is not correct as the virus needs to reproduce. It is the immune compromised who allow this to happen producing millions of variants via accelerated viral evolution. Some of these then stick and spread. All past pandemics ended when the weak and immune compromised died out. Those left, by definition, had immunity.
  18. It is not just vaccine escape variants, they also produce human adapted variants. The immune compromised have been the issue throughput this pandemic, both the cause and the statistical consequence. There has been no point locking everyone else up, the tendency of normal healthy people is to kill off the virus, with any surviving virons adapting for lower harm and increased transmissibility, turning it into a cold.
  19. But the point is they believe Alpha arose due to an immune compromised miner who harboured the disease for 6 months. This maps to the Cambridge and Boston results. Rather than vaccine passports, perhaps we should place travel bans on the immune compromised. In fact perhaps they should be permanently isolated to prevent further new diseases from coming into existence. The whole lockdown was "to protect the vulnerable" and "protect the NHS", when it was actually the vulnerable causing the problem in the first place - creating the variants and then dying from them.
  20. Evidence emerging and new theory that an immune compromised Chinese Mine worker may have been the original source back in 2012. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/10/09/new-theory-claims-covid-19-may-have-evolved-chinese-mineworker/
  21. Some percentage 80/90/95% of those receiving vaccines wouldn't have died of COVID even if they caught it. But then 0.5% from total the population would have died of COVID, but will then just die from something else in the near term l.. I'm suggesting that lives are being put in the saved category, i.e. saved from Covid, when they are just dying of something else instead a bit later. I don't think Covid was ever that dangerous to healthy people, just good a administering the coup de grâce. There was a point when every death was mysteriously Covid, now that is not the case.
  22. I'd quite like to see the area under the graphs take from the first peak through the second to roughly the end of this summer and average it out and compare it with the area under the graph through this winter at the current death rate. It may actually be surprisingly similar in terms of death rate, to me it just looks like the peaks are bunched up.
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