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  1. Again, largely what I've said all along. The problem has been massive overreaction based on TikTok videos from China and speculation of a lab leak. The fact is it is just a Coronavirus, may be the novelty counted for a while when it was the α variant, though a death rate of 0.4% is hardly catastrophic. My view is that this is down to demographics and a global boomer glut. Rather than risk death from what is actually a cold; and given they'd like to spend their HPI/final salary pension on cruises etc, plus the fact many don't have to work to get money - they were are happy for everyone to be locked down , not realising their HPI and pensions are all backed /propped up by the real economy. In summary whole thing is an overreaction and even the worried boomers in their mid 50s to mid 60 probably didn't need to worry much.
  2. That's been my view all along. Seems to be the sort who need to carry around oxygen tanks mostly dropping dead. May be we should also ban walking upstairs.
  3. It's not just the age though, it is the comorbidities. They really should be expressing the hospitalisations and CFR by age as numbers from a set of healthly individuals, putting the unhealthy in the same bucket is just a way of making the numbers look worse than they area.
  4. Here is a potential solution to the broader crisis from the OECD: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2021/10/19/britons-must-work-longer-avoid-debt-crisis-oecd-warns/ BTW, I read something today (need the link) saying in the 1970s the average ratio of workers to pensions was 4.2 :1 1 (i.e 20%), but this rose closer to 3.3:1 today (30% odd retired) and will reach 2.3:1 by 2050. I did find this chart which makes the same historic point. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/SPPOPDPNDOLGBR
  5. I see a default coming: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10101989/Total-bill-gold-plated-public-sector-retirement-funds-stands-2-4-TRILLION-study-suggests.html#article-10101989 £2.4Trn is more than the national debt. Any public sector worker who thinks they'll get their pension is delusional.
  6. Yeah, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, never found anyone long term happy from there.
  7. The only group I talk to to who widely got AZ are in their 40s. The flag waving may well have just been that.
  8. Sputnik V is basically the same as AZ. Even suggestions Russia hacked the data from Oxford.
  9. Not 100% sure of the mix, but there was a lot of pfizer and Moderna in there. Partly as they had to use that first due to storage. Most 50 year olds i know had Pfizer. And just to add a Doctor I know says he wouldn't give AZ to anyone under 50 now based on personal views. It all about the clotting.
  10. It does seem all the jabs have a bad rap. Part of the problem is that medical establishment wants to protect their work in progress - to them a 67 year old with 4 expensive comorbidities is a potential customer for the next 15 years. Obviously they see injecting people who don't actually need the jab as a way of both boosting and protecting income.
  11. Well, severely curtailed. It isn't being given to the under 40s due to the clotting risk. Most of the over 50s/vulnerable had Pfizer or something else, snd the policy isn't to mix. So it only leaves the 40-50 range in play for AZ, but most of those have been jabbed and there is no booster on offer. So I'd say AZ hasn't been completely withdrawn, but I can't see many doses being given now. They certainly won't give that to kids. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-57021738.amp https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/06/01/1002067808/astrozenecas-rocky-rollout-the-woes-of-the-vaccine-of-the-world
  12. Is that why the AZ one seems to have been quietly pulled in the UK? Sputnik is the same as AZ. They aren't giving it to the under 40s here now due to clots, and my guess is most of the over 50s had pfizer, so would assume a similar booster. Irrespective of that, I don't know anyone who had AZ that got ill subsequently with C19, though in all honesty I don't know anyone who got badly ill with C19 before the jabs. As said, we had kids with positive PCRs following being sent home from school 3 weeks back, but zero symptoms from anyone in the house. I still strongly think this whole exercise has been about defending a few elderly people and immunity cripples at the expense of everyone else's lives.
  13. This is a piece of academic research receiving the Daily Mail treatment (clearly the Mail missed the irony of itself reporting this). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10099793/Most-lies-told-superliars-rest-people-fairly-honest-finds-study.html#article-10099793 That said, I think this has implications for politics and economics. A lot of asset prices seem to be built on lies, with many businesses built on a pack of lies, especially in the property sector. I also see BoJo as the king liar.
  14. Well I've fortunately got 3 years left on my 5 year fix with HSBC, and have paid off half the mortgage. By the time my fix finishes I'll be at 1/3 of the original loan left. Though to be honest, variable rates now are quite a bit lower than my fixed rate from 2 years back.
  15. At least quite a few of the Eastern European women are reasonably attractive and might produce aesthetically pleasing kids. There has been a bit of an issue with fully native Brits in some of the more inbred outer-reaches getting a bit fugly. Might that account for the lower fertility rate? https://thetab.com/2015/07/16/british-people-ugly-45482
  16. Pets as they reached their end of life are also a great proxy for how the partners will handle ageing parents and in-laws. My wife seems to be the no effort spared sort, I'm more in the take them round the back of the woodshed sort.
  17. I remember cars at work getting trapped in an undercroft, due to deep snow and an icy ramp.
  18. Indeed, I am well versed in the complexities of weather simulation and forecast hence the tongue in cheek post. I won't mention the butterfly effect, as otherwise BoJo Mr Follow-the-science will be out with his lepidopterists' net.
  19. Don't worry, climate change is here to save the Tory Party's bacon: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/10/14/mild-winter-could-protect-households-soaring-energy-bills/ As a pre-Bojo Tory, I find this lack of planning and hope something will turn up worthy of a benefits claimant with a gambling habit!
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