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  1. What amazes me is that all of this turmoil is happening in the markets about Interest Rates - and Japan HAVEN'T EVEN OFFICIALLY RAISED THEIR RATE YET. What happens when they actually officially move ?
  2. Oops, I thought it was in the evening like that other programme. Thread title corrected. Thanks.
  3. In terrified's situation there is a definite smell of deceit and impropriety by the EA here which deserves to be pursued. This is a totally separate issue from your opinion over whether she should have sold in current market conditions or not.
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5029530.stm Should be good ...
  5. Finally, Warwickshire Lad has come back to HPC to say this :- There are a certain number of jabronis on this forum that like to register and cause annoyance to FTBs. These are the sorts of people who might need a slap down. There are STRs and others on here who have a lot more money at stake here than I have. Making such an expensive and high risk move into property as an FTB is the wrong thing to do. Perhaps there are certain jabronis who don't realise that, and perhaps should go and smell other people's cooking.
  6. With any luck, the BoE are ignoring twonks like Mr. Redknapp and are concentrating on the bigger picture - which is that inflation is brewing and rate rises elsewhere are gathering momentum.
  7. Totally agree. There's been enough talk, it's now time for decisive action.
  8. Another reason why Interest Rates should NEVER NEVER NEVER have been cut to 4.5% last Autumn, and should in fact now be over 5% to try and stop this madness. It's time to stop placating the Interest Rate Whingers like the retailers and people like David Smith. IT'S TIME TO GET TOUGH !
  9. And people think that the resident bears on here are the doom mongers ? Think again ! I think you're right with this... can't see myself being a Tory voter yet though. The two major parties are just as bad as each other in their corruption and sleaze.
  10. Amazing isn't how so many have been taken in, by having equated massive house price inflation with "economic stability". That simple lie will hopefully be exposed in the not too distant future, and Gordon Brown will be out on his ear. Hopefully he won't sack Mervyn first.. at least he's on our side .. I think.
  11. Yes, it's OTT, but the concept of the EA's existence is fundamentally flawed. EA works for the seller, and therefore has an interest in getting the highest price. The seller's idea of price is driven by greed. Add in banks who might as well lend to pre-school children and pets. Chuck in low interest rates and lots of media hype about houses. It has all been a lethal cocktail which is in the process of destroying the social fabric of society.
  12. That's right - prepared to do whatever necessary - even if that means a HPC.
  13. You are now on my Ignore list, you sad individual.
  14. Go to http://www.mortgagesexposed.com and there are many Excel spreadsheets you can download which cover a wide range of mortgage calculations, including a very good Buy or Rent sheet.
  15. I think that you can draw many similarities with the last HPC, and people on this board are totally right to draw them - but there are many differences with last time as well. The main difference is that we're talking about a lot more debt tied up in property than ever before, and a LOT more sentiment towards investment in property than ever before. There is also a lot more organised VI and media hype than there ever was before. Because of all this financial investment by so many people, sentiment is hard to break because people who have made these commitments have to tell it to themselves they've made a good decision and property is only ever win-win. And this sentiment is transferred all the time from the Baby boomers who are telling their kids every day now to jump on the ladder before it's too late, and at any cost. This sentiment is proving very hard to break, which is why house prices are not falling in any great way, and especially not at the FTB end of the market. I think it will take a major shock and/or a snowball effect to develop to change the momentum of the market and to make people turn away from property. In 1989/1990 the bubble was relatively brief. This time it has been the mother of all bubbles.
  16. Petrol prices have been dropping back round my way recently. Still 93.9p for unleaded but it felt easier on my wallet to fill up this evening than it did a month ago.
  17. That's right - in the last crash the savings ratio increased significantly and people just didn't want to spend money or spend anywhere near the same % of their income on their mortgages. I don't think it's about a simple trade off between interest rates and house prices. It's also massively about how much the banks will tighten. When the exit starts en-masse from the property market, and investors lose all interest, the only people at the bottom of the chain will be FTBers, and they will only be able to pay what they can really afford. And iif the banks tighten as well, then house prices would need to fall in real terms by 50%.
  18. I was wondering whether the site admin can get rid of adverts for certain members of the site if you're above a certain post count or something. Therefore all users of the site would see the ads in the beginning, but more frequent users do not have to put up with them, when they've logged in. I object to the adverts on the right-hand side especially though, because forum topics no longer expand to fill the width of the browser. You have two adverts at the top on the right-hand side, then absolutely nothing below where a long topic continues and that is an inefficient waste of space. I don't want to have to start using a blocker, but I may have to, alternatively I might come to the site less. HPC admin: please give your loyal visitors a choice in the matter. Thanks.
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