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  1. All I am asking is this :- Remove the Google Ads postings in the forum Remove the advert bar down the right hand side That is it. I don't mind ads top and bottom of threads, and wouldn't mind a larger advert on the strap-bar at the top. Please take some action. Esteemed regulars have already started leaving and the rot is setting in. You must do something before it is too late. For what it's worth, I will join those who are leaving unless something is done.
  2. That graph has a very close correlation with inflation-adjusted house prices.
  3. Property as a "ladder" doesn't really exist anymore, IMHO. So, there's no point in trying to get on something that doesn't exist.
  4. What bank ever predicted a recession ? When liquidity is "squeezed savagely" you don't end up with a "soft-landing". Comprendé ?
  5. I totally sympthaize, Chuz. Although certain aspects of the site design have been improved, the deterioration with the volume and placement of the advertising is unacceptable. Sorry to say - but I think I'm going to be winding things down on here, too.
  6. Great. Now we've got Google Ads being posted as well as the side bar ads. It's too much and I don't like it.
  7. This link is your friend :- http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Real_Alternative.htm
  8. Because MP3 is audio only. The BBC website offers a choice between both Real Player and Windows Media these days. The BBC are also offering an increasing number of programmes in MP3 format, for podcasts.
  9. Evan Davis has had an article on the BBC for a number of years now saying that he would like a HPC. Now that we have IRs going up globally, he's not afraid to imply that possibility once again on the mainstream news bulletins. Some people feel the BBC is too biased to pro-house prices, but this guy is the Economics Editor. People who keep on criticising the BBC for being pro-HPI need to take a break.
  10. My guess is the NZ market has been subject to foreign speculation, laxer lending, and other factors which push up prices apart from lower Interest Rates.
  11. I pulled the plug on it because I didn't have time to update it anymore, plus there were personal issues as well. The domain name is still mine, so it might come back some day.
  12. There are some people on this board who are professional in their level of antagonism. Ignore them.
  13. Well, thank you Marina for your words of encouragement to young people everywhere. In the longer term I happen to agree that a higher proportion of property will be private investor hands overall than it was in the past. It will be like this unless the law is changed. However, forthcoming IR rises will mean that demand for property will plunge and the foolish BTLers will be purged from the market for many years. This will open a window of opportunity for FTBers although it's unclear how many will be savvy enough to realise that. At this point, I am optimistic that we will still get our property crash. To be honest Marina, your postings are sounding slightly odd these days. You used to talk calm sense, and now it seems like you're as high as a kite. Whatever.
  14. So - Mervyn King says that global rates may have been too low for too long. No s**t sherlock !
  15. Exactly. My guess is that if IO mortgages without a repayment vehicle were banned - then we would see housing market activity plunge. But no-one's telling the VIs to stop, so they keep on suckering in the foolish. There appears to be nothing built in to the system to stop lending having reached levels of ruthlessness never before seen.
  16. The one thing that amazes me is that after the furore surrounding the failure of many endowments to pay off people's capital - that people are being allowed to take out IO mortgages without any repayment vehicle whatsoever ?! If the so-called professionally managed endowment funds failed - what chance has an ordinary Joe when it is left up to themselves ? I really do find this absolutely astonishing, that this practice is even allowed !
  17. The thing that interests me is that a lot of BTL out there is working on miniscule yields and only the prospect of capital appreciation to make the figures add up. Even relatively small IR rises are going to send the alarm bells ringing for the investor-led part of the housing market, which as we know, has largely replaced FTBers. Should investor sentiment turn sour, we could see the "I'm in it for the long-term" sentiment reverse and cause the market to crash. If you're an ordinary homeowner then a few points on IRs might not harm you. If you're a highly geared member of the BTL brigade then that is another story. That is why I think that relatively small rises in IR will make a considerable impact on the market.
  18. That's a great point. Renting doesn't necessarily mean you have any less quality of life. There is definitely a lot of snobbery about property from homeowners, although there's a lot of indifference as well. I think you have to be happy in life and just enjoy it, whether you are buying or renting. I know that in 25 years from this day I will own a property that is fully paid for. My savings now will translate into much less Interest to pay later, and a mortgage paid off much sooner. Just because I'm choosing my moment makes me a very astute and informed individual - and not part of the sheeple.
  19. You are forgetting about the effect that the forthcoming recession will have on rising Unemployment and repossessions and it's effect on the housing market, i.e. forced sellers.
  20. I don't see the MPC pussies going for it, personally.
  21. Fortunately, around my area (and yours RB, since we're close) there has been downward movement in prices and no increase on 2004. However, for others in the country at large like Scotland, NI and now parts of London, anyone who had not bought in mid-2004 would be considerably out of pocket now. I still believe in the cycle and that this disgraceful mess will eventually right itself, but it's taking longer than anyone expected. Things are definitely getting interesting now though - IRs up everywhere (except for the UK ) and stock markets down. If the BoE keep resisting by keeping IRs down forever then I think it's another nail in the coffin for me being in the UK.
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