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  1. Cars always depreciate in any economic climate, what's new?
  2. And here was me thinking it was the Bank of England who set interest rates.
  3. One more in a long line of ridiculous nonsensical articles about the housing market.
  4. Perhaps the UK is on the verge of "doing an Ireland"...
  5. Thanks for confirming that figure for us! With house prices now double what they were 5 years ago when IR were exactly the same as they are now, that just blows the "house prices are high because IR are low" argument out of the water. Current house prices are based on quicksand.
  6. During a crash, I expect the situation on the ground to be quite different to what is actually reported in the media. I expect the official house price indices to show relatively small falls, when the slide gets underway. However, my hope is to see relatively heavy local falls, which I think might be more likely to happen outside London than in - and this may allow me that all important way to finally get in to the market.
  7. Given that the average age of the FTB is 35 rather than 25 these days, a person's first mortgage starts 10 years later in life than it used to. To pay that off before retirement at 65, you still can't really have anything more than a 30 year mortgage, at the very most. Of course, many of today's baby boomers have had their mortgage paid off well before 65. This is part of how they've had the means to go out and snaffle properties from today's young.
  8. First time I've seen an acknowledgement that FTBs are now totally dead in the water. Thank you Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, you bunch of f***wits.
  9. He often posts news articles I wouldn't pick up on, and always find them interesting to read. I say just leave him be. The forum gives everyone the ability to ignore someone they don't like, so if he offends you then use it.
  10. Methinks it's time for Mervyn to sound another unambiguous warning on the radio, just like he did in the summer of 2004. Accompanied by the hike to 5 or 5.25% it could certainly slow things down quite considerably... hopefully.
  11. I was wondering nicko75 whether you've given some thought as what sort of buyer would come along for your house in 25 years time, and how much they would be prepared to pay for your house? You are relying on the next generation - babies being born today, who will have to exist in a future environment of higher fuel prices, higher interest rates, student debt, perhaps a forced pension-saving scheme, and a greater tax burden to support the ageing population, due to the changes in demographics. The MEW and recycled money available to the baby boomers today, isn't going to be available to the children of tomorrow. In the "long run", I think I'd rather live in a different country. So I'm happy to continue renting for now, and make other plans, whilst the UK falls like an old man to the piss-sodden floor.
  12. And you'd stopped just short of 3,000 posts too... Bye then.
  13. I've been here since Dec 2004, which seems like a long while ago. The same arguments/counter-arguments come up and it's a natural thing to step away when it gets boring. Still not much of a crash in sight around my way in actual sale prices of FTB properties. It'll take a lot to get nominal falls of any significant magnitude. Does that mean I'm giving up ? Not really. I'd rather rent and invest my spare cash elsewhere than tie everything up in a house. In the meantime I'm off to New Zealand for a month to get a taste of life down under. Perhaps I shouldn't bother coming back!
  14. The voting patterns of the BoE show that they don't seem to really care that much about inflation. :angry: :angry:
  15. And what is the basis for an Interest Rate cut next year ? The VIs are really busy aren't they. They can no longer push the promise of IR cuts to everyone, because it is obvious that rates are going up. So, the trick now is to tell everyone that rates will definitely come down after they've gone up a bit. For God's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I'm currently looking for a new IT job (ASP.NET senior developer), can you put me in touch !!??
  17. I like the examples that people are giving for what they get for their money. Quite simply, the rental price for properties is much more a reflection of what property is REALLY worth - simply because the rental market is based on people's genuine need for putting a roof over their heads. The rental market is the housing market - minus speculation. 50% of current property value in the regular market is based upon speculation, IMHO.
  18. These people must be living in a parallel universe to me. A lot of you on this website are.
  19. I think that pick up at the end of 2004 (after several clear months when prices were definitely falling) was due to a coordinated effort by lenders to loosen up in a deliberate ploy to keep house prices rising. If they'd kept their lending criteria where it was, then prices would not be going through this "triple top" arrangement as they are now.
  20. Compared to just year ago, asking prices at the FTB end of the market definitely seem to be up around my area unfortunately.
  21. Too late for that. The greedy and irresponsible lenders have already sowed the seeds for massive default by the Great British public.
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