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  1. As per title. Anyone heard any cases of UK resident citizens doing this? Seems so many UK (especially but not exclusively London) new developments are now being sold to foreign buyers off plan without ever coming onto the UK market. Besides possibly inflated prices compensated by the weak value of sterling foe foreign buyers what in theory would there be in place to stop a UK resident/British citizen travelling overseas and buying at such expo's?
  2. A section of data taken from one organisation and spun by another. Haven't you learned anything from this website over the years? When I have time I'll look at the No campaign and find equally compelling data to the contrary.
  3. When giving evidence provide independent sources rather than propaganda from a vested interest. About as credible as Estate Agent Today or RICS saying house prices only ever go up!
  4. So your saying ours is perfect and there is nothing we can learn from others? More fool you. Oh and what an unholy alliance the Euro sceptics and the Scottish separatists are forming.
  5. Well judging by how well their economy is powering ahead the last few years perhaps they can teach us a thing or two? The Canadian's are in bed with the American's and Mexican's through Nafta. The Aussie's are in bed with the American's militarily (after we failed miserably to halt the Japanese advance to the Coral Sea, years later they did fight in Vietnam) economically they are now very much in bed with the Chinese. The Commonwealth/old Empire these days is little more than excuse to keep her Maj on her foreign trips without the tax payer asking too many questions. The rich white Commonwealth countries have long moved on...deal with it! There are different civil service models both political and apolitical. The US is civil service is appointment on mass by the President and can be replaced on mass when a new administration is elected. The French civil service is very political were civil servant go onto to be politicians (e.g. Chriac, Sarkozy). The EU commission has elements of all of these Not perfect, but is there such a things as a perfect civil service? They all have their pros and cons.
  6. Perhaps not domestic laws but it certainly govern our foreign policy. That's gross generalisation. Europe is a big continent with people who are both different but also very similar to us. Why do you think we are called Anglo-Saxons? We share a common heritage and ancestry with much of Europe going back to Roman times, the Norman conquest, the Vikings etc. We have a German royal family (despite the mass anglicising of German names that occurred in 1917). We have much in common with the Danes, the Dutch, the Swedes and yes the German's (judging by some of the bittness coming from north of the border perhaps even more so). The commission is a civil service just like ours. Do you get to vote for the civil service here? Of course not. They're there to implement what the politicians tell them. The permanent secretaries remain in place regardless if the government changes. It was the civil service for instance that blocked the Callaghan government from implementing the Right to Buy council houses scheme that was in it's manifesto in the 70's. Thatcher then stole the idea and it was only her sheer drive and force of personality that drove it through the bureaucracy. For a laugh just watch Yes Minister or Yes Prime Minister. They are even more self serving as the EU Commission. Well join then, but it's taken Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska decades/even centuries to gain statehood. Alas though don't think they'll have us as we are much more useful to them in the EU as their bridge to it trying to keep it an open free trade area rather than a socialist super state as the French would like it. If we leave the special relationship is over, period! The Irish will take out place (from an economic perspective).
  7. Don't elections to the EU parliament count as some sort of say? Doesn't the fact that EU ministers sit on the council of ministers count as some sort of say? That Britain has it's own EU commissioner(s) on the Commission count as some sort of say and judges in the EU courts count as some sort of say? Contrast that with the "special relationship" with the US. We hang onto the the US coattails for just about every foreign policy misadventure they get themselves into (save for Vietnam) and yet what representation do we have in the US Congress, the White House, the US Supreme Court? ZERO!!!
  8. Well guess what, they do so there. The particular fans I mentioned lived in the Scottish ghetto of Archway, North London (where your plastic Scotsman Rod Stewart now less hails from), and work at Adison Lee in Kentish Town and drink at the William Wallpole pub in Marylbone (where they have a hilarious Scottish footballers of the year plague - 1986 Diego Maradonna, 1990 Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle, 1996 Gareth Southgate). So real people - the only fake on here is you! Double busted!
  9. Too busy at work to answer the whole of your response but can't resist the first paragraph. Don't you know anything about football and in particular Scottish football? No club other than the old firm won the league since Fergie's days with Aberdeen over 30 years ago so surprise, surprise people outside of Glasgow also support them either in addition to or instead of their home town. That's football the world over, Man Utd fans in Thailand, Barcelona fans in Holland etc. You really need to develop a more worldly view. I know exactly were Wick is (it's featured on the BBC weather forecast since god knows when) and my former housemates were only too keen to point out there home town.
  10. Three years of housesharing with a couple of guys from Wick (one a "dirty hun") the other a Celtic fan gave me more insight than most into the Scottish mindset thank you very much. Well some people are just never satisfied. You don't have to have been a horse to be a jockey, everyone's entitled to an opinion. Yes, but the Danes and Swedes have something to be jealous of...i.e. an abundance of natural resources that have been well invested in the past with plenty left in the tank i.e. not Scotland. Perhaps but not when the next doors neighbours "property" or whatever is passed it's sell by date and is actually brining down the neighbourhood. This show's how little you understand of the English mindset, a great many of who would be glad to be shot of Scotland who they regard as a financial burden but we'll keep on board for the greater good. I disagree and think the Scot offer a lot to the Union but don't delude yourself the English are jealous 'cos they ain't. Indeed it does but it will require the Yes camp to start coming up with some proper answers rather than simply responding with bile to ackward questions as you have. These and many other probing questions like will be put in the campaign so you had better start coming up with some real answers rather the hogwash I found on the Yes campaign website.
  11. Well I never did use the word "Great" bit pretentious at the best of time...perhaps at height of empire when Britannia ruled the waves... The EU will reconfigure itself before that happens. My guess is we'll see a split of the Euro into a southern Euro Franc zone with the P.I.I.G.S amongst others and a northern Euro Mark zone with Germany at it's core. Besides resolving the competitiveness issue of the Club Med countries it also neatly resolves the concerns of the non Euro EU members who are concerned of the present 17 member Eurozone bloc being able to impose their will on the other 10. A split would resolves this 10 v 17 with a more symmetric 8 v 9 v 10 configuration. Be careful what you wish for.....so you're going to leave the UK and then EU? The money Scotland receives from the UK Treasury is well documented, what about the EU development money it receives? Better hope for a war in the Middle East to keep oil prices sky high at independence or you'll be toast! Flip, flop, rent an ideal, opportunism - perhaps Salmond should stand for the Lib Dems? Articles from publications left and right in from mainland Europe, Australia, the US, Russia, the Middle East. The general consent is you've been watching Braveheart to many times and that the only "FREEDOM!" you'll get is to be freed of your shirts and underpants as you go the way of Iceland. Sorry but Maggie pissed the oil and gas wealth down the drain on to settle her vendetta with the miners and the rest of the trade Union movement by keeping them on the dole for a couple of generations. New Labour failed to address the welfare culture preferring east european immigration to lower wages while keeping the natives on benefit. The Norwegian's by contrast invested their money into a sovereign wealth fund....still no use crying over spilt milk...Salmond's conversion to the idea is like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. What you're left with now is the dregs....witness B.P. selling off it's North Sea field for more lucrative work elsewhere in the world. Well if you're going to be relying on the dregs of oill/gas exports left to fill the hole in your pocket left the end of UK/EU money you won't have much left over for yourselves...get's it bit chilly in winter up there from my experience. You've got some stiff competition when it's comes to attracting new industries many of who will receive generous EU incentives and with far lower labour costs. As for the UK parliament can I remind of you that the Scot were given the chance in 1979 by the Callaghan Labour government to have their own parliament but the Scots couldn't be bothered to vote sufficient numbers in a referendum. And guess who brought down the minority Callaghan to let in Thatcher? The SNP..... The far right in England are a joke, at least the French and Italian's are able to put up a united front or at least not fight each other. The Narional Front, the BNP, UKIP, the Tory Right, UKIP + first past the post voting systems = no chance. Just makes good England bashing headlines along with football hooliganism when in reality the countries reporting them e.g. Italy and France have a much bigger problem (with both issues).. England, the UK, the EU will be fine once these referendums are settled once and for all and we can all get on with the real business of diversifying the economy to challenge on the world stage rather than these internal sideshows.
  12. I was born British, when abroad and I ask what my nationality I say British rather than English. I don't have some chip on my shoulder whereby I have to differentiate myself from the Union I was born into. So I'd quite like it to continue thank you very much (albeit with more devolution to England too) and before I get labelled an imperialist I also very much want us to stay in the EU together so we can all have best of both worlds and not the worst of both which you appear to be proposing. If you remember the original conversation was about whether the UK should stay in the EU. What's you position on that? Yes and rightly so because the the Yes campaign have tried shifting the goal posts and now they're coming under closer inspection as the referendum draws closer. Not least was the SNP's policy on joining the EURO at independence which they jettisoned at the start of the crisis. And what of Salmond's "arch of prosperity" he wished to join with ermm....Ireland and Iceland... I get my news from many different sources beyond the beeb thank you very much... We are already now a net gas importer and North Sea stocks dwindling fast, get over it and move on. We could reopen the mines and go back to town gas if the green lobby can be placated with carbon capture in the empty oil fields but I expect we'll end of up going nuclear. As for Scotland....just blame the English for everything....
  13. I'm as stress free as can be (bar a bit of sunburn from a bank holiday spent BBQ'ing with a cold beer in hand). So are you saying we should only trust bankers as you know what you're talking about? Look where that got us? There's is only one ranter in this otherwise healthy debate who has resorted to derogatory language and that is you good self Sir! Clearly you are unable to handle a healthy discussion.
  14. I stress again, your an have all the expertise you like, no central bank = no option but a bail out if the bond markets turn on you with or without oil. As for the oil well we passed peak oil in 1999, and are now below 40. Salmond can rattle on all he likes about reserves west of Shetland - they're uneconomical to drill unless oil,prices go sky high and stay there. Much cheaper to go for shale gas reserves the UK's lion share of which can be found in England.
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