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  1. BBC have a page up: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7256903.stm
  2. Not sure where I got this from originally but a good read by Satyajit Das on Risk Management. DAS_RISKMANAGEMENT.pdf DAS_RISKMANAGEMENT.pdf
  3. Haven't seen these posted up before, I'm going to spend an evening or two in the archives. Cutting The Bull - The Wall Street Examiner More UK Madness Elites Float U.S. Bank Bailout Plans
  4. The top 5 from next month. http://www.reuters.com/article/bondsNews/i...772164120080207
  5. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachus...ate_to_merrill/ "At Springfield City Hall, the first clue that something had gone terribly wrong came last July, on a monthly statement from Merrill Lynch - and it was subtle. The names of three investments worth $13.9 million in its account had suddenly changed. Now, each one had the acronym "CDO" tagged onto its name. A large investment that had been called Centre Square Ltd. - at least through June - was now called Centre Square CDO. Two other, smaller investments also had their names changed. CDO is shorthand for collateralized debt obligation, a security based on a portfolio of sliced-up bonds and loans. In this case, the underlying portfolio included mortgage-related securities." Oops.
  6. Maybe they realised the futility of their actions and decided to have a p*** up instead, so the new name is more apt
  7. HSBC’s monoline bailout: MBIA saved by… a CDO From last week
  8. http://www.newssniffer.co.uk/articles/88630/diff/1/2
  9. Merv's in the Opinion section. Strong language warning.
  10. 64. Spain's National Institute of Statistics ... thus putting the term "inflation" in a whole new light Spain's National Institute of Statistics adds plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and nose jobs to the basket of goods and services it uses to calculate the nation's consumer price index, while excluding the cost of garment fabric, upholstery, and home-appliance repairs. 75. Mummified corpses The real estate market must be dead over there too A Spanish bank repossesses a house and puts it up for auction - complete with the mummified corpse of its former owner, who had stopped making mortgage payments six years earlier. The body, preserved by the salty air in the seaside town of Roses, is discovered by the buyer.
  11. They have a forum, now you lot be good and don't go upsetting them. http://www.housepricedebate.co.uk/forum.php It's not very busy just one poor bear all alone. But there's some real corkers: http://www.housepricedebate.co.uk/showthread.php?t=638
  12. Been lurking for a while, learning and absorbing the posted information while remembering not to believe it all. It has been interesting to say the least, I now have a basic understanding of the MBS/CDO market, which is quite scary and you can understand why people think a meltdown is possible, but clever to turn an illiquid asset into liquid and tradeable assets obviously if the meltdown part doesn't happen. I know why NR had problems (the MBS/CDO voodoo) and what is causing the liquidity crisis. You have all forever tainted me
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