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  1. mortgages not in Euros - Swiss Francs Cheers YeboC
  2. happy to be here my friend! If I'm a bull why does my profile say I'm a bear?!? If your going to make loads by buying repo's doesn't that fly in the face of the lefties on here who will condemn this approach as it steals the opportunity from those poor first time buyers? I've asked on a few threads now: a/ What is a VI? b/ how do I search for posts back to say 2004? Any help appreciated Cheers YeboC
  3. great news, I'm looking to sell a couple of properties soon and they are in Euro currency. Long may this continue. Cheers YeboC
  4. Ha. One never stops learning, I hope to get another insight here. Why do you detest enterprise so much? Usually with your sort it's because a/ you dont have the balls to have a go or b/dont have the brass or c/ plain jealosy Which one do you fall into - all three? Cheers YeboC
  5. Greed? Don't think so, sounds like your mate, however misguided, was showing enterprise and trying to make a better life for himself. Nowt wrong wi that in my book. Clearly this board is riddled with socialists stuck in the 1970's. Cheers YeboC
  6. I'm confused. One poster on another thread said he met with the Nationwide recently and they said 30-40% dip, yet they are quoted in the recent press saying dip is "highly unlikely" Someone must be talking shit. Cheers YeboC
  7. out of interest, how long has this site being going for? How do I execute an archive search back to, say, 2004? Cheers YeboC
  8. Absolutely not. I'm merely acknowledging how excited hpc'ers get over house deflation. Objectively read the posts for yourself - if one could package this type of enthusiasm and channel it towards something useful then half this board would be millionaires!! lol!! Cheers YeboC
  9. I dont know what you are suggesting Dazed? Are you saying that out of compassion I should stop focusing on early retirement and instead do my bit to help the first time buyers. An altruistic yet cloud cookoo land approach. Like saying if we give up nukes then the world will be a safer place. Cheers YeboC
  10. Tissues at the ready, the crash is upon us we're all doomed. Some like porn as a turn on...others like house deflation. Each to their own i guess. It is wrong to suggest prices are falling today by only citing figures since September '07, thats just 2 months ffs. The growth is slowing but prices nationally are certainly not dropping: UK annual house price inflation in September 2007 was 10.8 per cent, down from 11.3 per cent in August 2007. Annual house price inflation in London was 16.5 per cent in September, down from 17.2 per cent in August. these are facts not my opinion. Cheers YeboC
  11. will do. Anti war? In answer to the original post - I'm IT security sales, I'd work harder and sell more in a toughened market. As i've pulled every investment out of the UK I'm less concerned. Cheers YeboC
  12. Useful input - thanks. Looking at my contract, I signed in November 2005 but dont complete until Sept '08, approaching 3 years but two years as of today. £10k is about right, probably a little less but like to pessimist on costs (yes did get Swiss mortgage). Agreed in the bank is the only profit that counts, dont mind dropping 10% would still make tidy profit from f all work. Re Equity markets, your note flags a decent investment opp, however, I know nothing about these markets. I'm of the opinion that even in a buoyant market it is investment suicide to jump in with little or no knowledge. Cheers YeboC
  13. Maybe I am a Leech - but a self made leech at that. I only actually came onto the property ladder in 2000 after renting for 9 years. After graduating I was fortunate enough to get my first job, work my backside off and earn a relatively decent wage for a post graduate. Essentially, no-one helped me get onto the ladder that was still very difficult to get on the first run - I just got my head down and worked for it. Do I give a fark that first timers face similar challenges today - do I fark. My advise to those people is to get a better job or work harder but don't blame amateur specualtors like me for getting a job, having the balls to get off my **** and have a crack at banking early retirement. I suugest you sign up to the Leftie militant magazine, sounds right up yours and scuzmee's street. Cheers YeboC
  14. Please ensure you get your facts rights before posting nonsense in front of your fellow crash heads. The Leeds CC has experienced gross over supply but outside the CC the house prices have experienced steady postitive growth. I know this cos I have made decent returns in suburban areas around Leeds. Where as I have friends who have lost money over 4 year investment period in CC. So don't talk sheeeiite. Cheers YeboC
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