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  1. ravedave

    Decent Apartments?

    I suppose my main concern would be security as I would be away often. I just felt that initially an apartment would be more secure as my patterns would not be easily observed.
  2. ravedave

    Decent Apartments?

    Looking to purchase in this year. Can't/Won't put it off any longer. I think that an apartment might be a suitable proposition for me - single male in 40's, close to town, car parking, ease of maintenance, etc. Plus, I'm not always about - esp at weekends so my routine would not be a visible as with a house, making it less of a target for crime. However, from reading on here I am aware that apartments are not well thought of. I've been in some of them in the city centre and I agree that they are not 'ideal' for someone looking to be a owner/occupier. So, the question is - where are the decent apartments in Belfast? It is easy to knock down the bad ones, but where are the decent ones? When the price starts going over £170k - £180k I think a semi-detached becomes a more viable option. I'm currently in Old Bakers Court and I'm finding that noise from upstairs apartment is annoying - esp late at night (after midnight) and early morning (before 6am). Any suggestions welcome.
  3. ravedave

    Northen Ireland - Brexit impact and House Prices

    House prices could drop by 30% in the event of a no deal BREXIT: Bank warns no-deal could see UK sink into recession I can't see this scenario actually playing out. The lack of supply of decent stock on our market at present may also cushion the fall here. I expect any drop to be quite small compared with 07.
  4. It is a supply of decent properties I'm talking about. A lot of what is coming onto the market is garbage therefore the decent properties (or those with potential) are gaining a lot more attention than normal.
  5. That can only happen if the right properties come onto market. The market is being held up by a lack of decent housing pushing prices upwards. My opinion is that Brexit will be a fudge at worst or will not happen. Sentiment is changing and no-one will want to be the person/PM/party to throw the UK into the oncoming nightmare of a hard Brexit or anything other than remaining in the CU. Therefore, I'm going to pull the trigger if something I want becomes available. My only problem is that as a single purchaser, I'm up against couples who have more clout than I have. How much over asking are properties currently selling for in S/SE - specifically semis?
  6. ravedave

    Residential Property Price Index exclusive thread

    Hmmm... Not as much chat and discussion on the reports now as there used to be! From glancing through the results, most areas seems to be reporting a healthy YoY increase, although the swing in the previous quarter is refreshing for buyers in most areas - Belfast being practically static. It would need to continue for a few more quarters for it to be meaningful. There does appear to be the beginnings of a plateau in both sales and prices. However, whether there will be an adjustment is difficult to say. I suspect not. Despite the number of users on here who believe the market here is overpriced, what we have seen is that there is still plenty of cash about and poor returns in other investment vehicles. Also, a number of people similar to myself who have been out of the market since early 2000's who are just fed up and going ahead with purchases, knowing that these will be long terms homes and prepared to ride out the short term volatility. Annual increments have been positive since Q4 2013. I expect this to remain positive for a year or two yet at the very least.
  7. Hello, I've invested most of my savings in an S&S ISA via an IFA which I am happy with. I also have about £50k in savings in a savings account which are doing terribly. In the next 1 - 2 years I plan to purchase a property. I am looking to starting investing some money as a means of becoming more self responsible for my finances. I have planned to take a sum of £5k and invest it somewhere - probably in a VLS100 fund or its Blackrock equivalent. I don't intend to go down to investing in shares specifically yet. I've got a LISA opened with the minimal £100 amount. What I am dithering about is whether to put the money into the LISA and get the £1k bonus or invest it into a fund without a wrapper so that I have more freedom with it. I appreciate that I can get the money out for the house purchase if I need it, but I'm not sure if I meet the FTB criteria as a relative has gifted their house to me (in a far off region) for which I am very grateful. They will live their for their life before it comes to me. I'm a lower rate tax payer and as a contractor I take the rest of the money as dividends and pension contributions from my company. Any advice on whether I should use the LISA or avoid? Thanks.
  8. Are you expecting the news to have a downward effect on the market? I'm paying almost £600pcm on a rented apt. I'm thinking of moving towards a purchase as I don't see myself moving in a long time and I'd rather make the money work a bit better for me. Trying to see how much property is going for in S/SE Belfast. Might have to opt for an apt if I can't get a decent semi detached. There will always be a number of people after the decent houses and I'm not sensing that there will be any significant correction in the year year or so I'm thinking of purchasing for this reason.
  9. What is happening Apr 19? Is this the CGT on non residents? If so, why do you expect this to have a noticeable effect on the market? What sort of money are you needing now for a decent semi in S/SE Belfast? I see plenty going on at around £170k - anyone know what price the hammer is dropping at?
  10. ravedave

    Moving to BT7 in 2017

    In light of today's NIRPPI announcement, the low housing stock and Brexit etc, what option should someone take who is looking to purchase a long term property to live in? PWC predicted +1% this year and 0% in 2018 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-40637871). However, we're currently sitting at +4%. I really can't see anything in the next 24 months that will cause a big enough dip (inc. Brexit) to make stalling a worthwhile option. The interest rates rise, whilst was in the headlines probably won't have made much of an effect once people have analysed the effect of it on their finances. What do the wise heads on here say? Currently renting @ 600pcm.
  11. ravedave

    Residential Property Price Index exclusive thread

    I think it is this one: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/uk-house-price-index-reports Looks like it is using the data reported in the August NIRPPI. So, is that approx 2% above inflation?
  12. ravedave

    Moving to BT7 in 2017

    That is steep for there! What was the peak up there at 07? I read an article that Interest Rates will be rising sooner rather than later (before the end of this year). Any chances of that cooling things off a bit? It keeps being said on here about rises can't last and that the property is overpriced. Is there a danger of wishing for something that won't happen and "missing the boat". Is there any reason for a rate rise and Brexit to lower prices? In fact, is it possible that a potential different Brexit deal for NI to GB would actually result in a rise or continuation of the current trend?
  13. ravedave

    Buy or ( wait ) Rent ?

    Hi, What is happening in the market currently? Like the OP I'm considering dipping my toes back into the property market. Looking a city centre & south Belfast. Is there much activity at the viewings and competition for the properties? I'm currently renting and although I think their might be some type of 'adjustment' in property prices dues to Brexit I'm of the opinion that it won't be sufficient to be worthwhile holding back. Just wondering if there are any reasonable apartment complexes in Belfast worth considering - I'm still undecided as to whether to look into houses or apartments. From a lifestyle point of view, I think apartments suite me better, but anything decent is the price of a good house! Just looked on PropertyPal at the semis on Stranmillis Rd on at £475k. It's an awful lot of money to be perched on the side of a steep embankment with no garden on one side and a very busy road on the other. Plus nowhere for the kids to kick a ball or play. Way out of my price range anyhow, but fools and their money are soon parted.
  14. ravedave

    Investing Using A Management Company

    Just realised that I was on the US Vanguard website to get that portfolio info

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