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  1. base rates are 0.5% they lend at 4.99% help to buy? more like help to die.
  2. I distinctly remember a few people on this forum arguing that council house rent is not subsidised...but clearly this program shows it to be the case? On another note, did anyone catch that Asian woman's youngest son (when they talked about how they shared the bed), he had an iPhone 4/4S. Hes probably 10-12 years old. These people don't need council houses. Seriously :/
  3. anecdotal - a friend recently told me house prices especially around London and the S.E. are staying high due to the recent change of leadership in China. Apparently the new leader has big plans to stamp out corruption, and hence why you're seeing buckloads of China people putting their 'hard earned' cash into property over here. Discussion is welcome.
  4. alot of people itt talking out of their arses. just because stuff is made in China, doesn't always mean they can buy it 'at home' cheaper. Yes you'd think that, but in the real world some products are for export only and you'd have to go a long way to just buy the item. Also tax implications play a major part.
  5. they are coming over here to buy high end luxury goods. Many might already be (loaded) students already here. Stuff like Gucci, Louis Vutton, etc. is at a higher price in asia, if you go to the shopping malls there. The kind of stuff thats not made in China, unless you're talking about the fake stuff
  6. anyone taking bets on how long dixons group plc hangs on for? Probably those city bankers in their ivory towers have already shorted this company
  7. Does anyone know when the rules changed that IO mortgages didn't require an investment vehicle/endowment?
  8. Funnily enough I had this exact conversation with some friends not too long ago, at how starting salaries for graduates haven't really moved upwards over the past few years. I graduated back in 2004 and my starting salary was just over 21k. That's 8 years ago, when petrol prices were around 75p a litre!
  9. How will this scheme work, with respect to the companies paying taxes on reverse salaries? Also, lets say an intern pays for a few days, is told to handle some equipment, and then proceeds to injure themselves. Are they insured? Or will they have to sign an agreement saying that they aren't allowed to sue the company for any reason at all etc.
  10. young person at 18, having finished A-levels. 3 options:- a) go to university and the possibility of paying £9k per year, ending up in over £30k debt (if you include student loans for living expenses) b.) go try and find a job. but have to pay the employer ~£50 - £100 per day to get some experience. with no guarantee of a job c) go on the dole. get £50 per week to fill in a few forms, the rest of the time you can play xbox/ps3 or watch tv. even if you go the university route, theres still no guarantee of a decent paying job at the end of it all
  11. you make some valid points. However, this shouldn't become the norm for young people looking to get into a particular career. imo, ideas like this just give more and more fuel to those who just say sod it, i'm going on the dole. why bother to work?
  12. They might as well say the official figure is £10 of national debt* *excluding bank bailouts, PFI and virtually everything else, bar the £10 itself.
  13. I check bbc news and sky news several times everyday, and I was oblivious to the news that they'd found it to be 100% meltdown of 3 reactors. This probably explains why:- New UK nuclear plant sites named http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-13887579
  14. Is this disaster still going on?... is the question on my mind right now. If it were not for the fact that I browse this forum everyday, and the fact that some ppl constantly push this megathread back up onto the main page, you could easily be forgiven if you'd have thought that nothing serious really happened, since we're all okay (in the rest of the world) and the media are clearly focused on Greece and Syria, and other regular news. So I actually bothered to spend a few minutes catching up on this news, and well, of course it was a huge cover up from early on. Of course they lied.
  15. funny. I almost forgave him for the mess he go this country in after his brief stint in a comical sketch on Red Nose Day last month....almost.
  16. They constantly tell us that there are millions of children living in poverty in the UK, Comic Relief and Children In Need springs to mind. We've only just begun the cutbacks, and now we are donating £650 Million to a country that harbours extremists. WHY?
  17. video is screwed up. Someone's trying hard to cover this up! EDIT: its working now
  18. forgive my ignorance, but I wouldve thought a programme called 'Loose Women' would be about slags and sluts.
  19. There was talk about the possibility of these isolated partial reactions occurring a few days ago. Looks like its even more likely that we have these reactions happening. But theres no point in worrying ourselves silly about it, theres nothing we on housepricecrash.co.uk that can do about the situation, I'm just feeling damn fortunate to be as far away from Japan as one could really be!
  20. Tenei is located nearly 70 kilometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. according to Kyodonews. So livestock at 70km away from the nuclear plant, well outside the exclusion zone and hence should be safe (according to the Japanese government) is contaminated. What next?
  21. Pretty much what every other government in the world was advising to its own citizens, weeks ago. Seems like Japan and TEPCO are being reactive to the evolving situation, rather than pro-active.
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