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  1. Have been following a segment that the Mrs and I would like to buy into within the BH13/BH14 area (Poole, Dorset) - these are 3/4 bed houses. In March there were 227 listed of which 38 were marked as under offer or SSTC (16.7%). This stayed around this level until May when the number listed as under offer/SSTC started to increase and the total number listed for sale started to decrease. Right now we are at 193 for sale of which 74 are marked as under offer/SSTC (38.3%). So in this area there looks to be a real increase in offers being made. But... the actual turnover (new houses onto the mar
  2. Lloyds recently reopened after a major refit, so not a closure after all. Tracking property within BH13 and BH14 shows that sales of all types of property in BH13 went sharply up in May but are now slowly declining. Sales of houses in the £300k to £600k bracket in BH13/BH14 started increasing in May also and are continuing to increase almost week on week. Make of that what you will.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. The Realty offices are in Ravine Road (leads to the Nightjar) were Ravine Lifestyle used to be until that company went under. They've been there for a bit now so not exactly "new" offices in Canford Cliffs. Will keep an eye out for RC, I tend to go to the Nightjar or to Harrys, has anybody been in the Beehive?
  4. I've been watching Canford Cliffs village with interest wondering when the first of the many EAs in the high street would close its doors. Lloyds Property Group (Managing Director, Tom Doyle of "Sandbanks is the 4th most expensive place in the world" fame) is now "temporarily closed". Will be interesting to see if the temporary closure is exactly that and it reopens with a facelift or similar or whether it stays shut.
  5. +1, thanks for taking the time to post those. All interesting stuff and to note, my wife and are have the same arguments about the same differing viewpoints as you and your g/f. Not making any wide-ranging conclusions, just that its the same for others. Keep up the good work!
  6. You cite 2 examples of members of the general public giving their houses back to the bank rather than sell. I guess the obvious question then is what are the banks then doing with those houses? Are they trying to rent or sell them and if the latter, do they sell on the same terms as a repossessed house (which to my mind they are in all but name)?
  7. From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/460159...n-Salcombe.html and re Sandbanks "This was only slightly better than Sandbanks, the hottest market of the noughties, where just one sale, at £1.1m, was done in the last quarter of 2008. A year earlier, 10 sales went through on this seaside's millionaires' row, totting up to £9.5m" Just a little titbit I found interesting. Edited for spelling
  8. That biting easterly wind must have made going from Sandbanks to the Pier extra-enjoyable! We walked the other way with a stop at the Haven for tea (an absolute must) then back via Canford Cliffs. I hadnt noticed before but when you walk through the village it goes: bank, estate agent, estate agent, solicitors, bank, bank, cafe, estate agents, estate agents, cafe, estate agents etc etc. Anyway, heres to a prosperous 2009 for all.
  9. I used to go climbing around there; that place is in Knoydart, just about the most remote area of mainland UK. The only way to get there is by boat, there are no roads into Knoydart at all and a population of, well, not very many at all (< 100 I think). Would suit a tin-foil hatter very nicely; mind you, if I was obscenely wealthy (and I'm not ), a Scottish hunting estate would be on my list of things to buy!
  10. Who knows where they come from and how accurate they are, worth noting in passing though as the figures look very bad yet you would expect an EA to promote the best figures they can come up with. Bermondsey Street - know it well as was just round the corner at Guys. Used to go to the Garrison quite a bit for a spot of lunch then off to Borough Market for a proper coffee and perhaps a still warm brownie from Konditor & Cook! Happy days - damn, am missing it all again
  11. Hi all again and thx for the welcomes. Took me some time to adjust to the pace of life here after working in London. Compare a days commute to London Bridge with the pretty much deserted roads in Branksome Park to get an idea of the change! Anyway, did anyone else get a 'youhome property times' flyer recently? Seems to be from an EA, possibly a new one. Chock full of stats and charts for Bournemouth/Poole from Knight Frank and worth a mention for a table on the first page. The table lists avg debt and avg equity broken down by age group and goes like this: Age group........................Av
  12. Came across this comment from a Savills EA re: Sandbanks in this article today: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/money/pro...icle5168714.ece "Transactions in my office show prices are between 20% and 30% down on peak April 2007. If you are attempting to buy at the bottom of the market it won't get better than this winter. People still aspire to own a nice home, the herd will change direction next September. Prices will go up like a rocket" So there you go; 30% off in Sandbanks now but only until next September. I wonder whats happening then? Meanwhile in the real world, I am seeing 2 sorts o
  13. I rather liked that part because to my simple mind it seems like the EA is saying 'assuming a 10% uplift over 5 years, the more you pay now, the more your money will be worth in 5 years time' giving the example that paying £1 million now for Mill House will become £1.1 million in 5 years and paying £1.2 million (for the same house) will become £1.4 million. Lovely, heres £100 million! Of course the EA is right if everybody in the market agrees to pay more in the expectation of rising prices down the line but thats what got us into this mess in the first place. So my take, this EA is communica
  14. Thats interesting Juvenal - you give the impression of not too much happening at this stage of the game. In my area of Poole (BH13, so Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs) I saw that May was pretty frenetic with reductions at all levels and very few sales (many of which came back on the market). June was different though. There were still very few (if any) sales that didnt fall through within days to weeks but in contrast to May there have not been so many reductions. In particular there were relatively few reductions on houses. Interesting times.
  15. There was another person just like this on Working Lunch. Part of the BBCs 23,000 in negative equity thing. What I want to know is, if prices have dropped by 7% (Working Lunch today) from their peak, and 23,000 had 100% mortgages, how many had 95% mortgages and are now flirting with if not actually already in negative equity?
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