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  1. Waterford in the SE of Ireland is in a particularly bad way since Waterford Crystal manufacture was shifted to Poland and the Far East. Ditto Limerick and the closing of Dell.
  2. I always stuck me as ironic that working people commute vast distances to their place of work, whereas accommodation adjacent to workplaces is occupied by those that don't!
  3. One of the stipulations of the IMF 'deal' dicates how the Irish should shop: http://www.tribune.ie/business/article/2010/dec/05/euimf-study-should-lead-to-axing-of-retail-store-s/
  4. Landlords getting £20bn through housing benefit compared to the doleys £5bn. Remind me which ones are the parasites again?
  5. Why shouldn't an Irish/Spanish air traffic controller earn the same wage a British diversity facilitator/mortgage broker/estate agent? It's amazing how much money is left over for wages when an economy doesn't have a City to support.
  6. In my opinion government cares little about controlling inflation - unless it's wage inflation of course. Apparently printing money doesn't cause inflation only wages do.
  7. Can you get a refund on your fees if you end up flipping burgers, or worse still, working for the many employment agencies that so enthusiastically sponsor New Labour?
  8. Would it not be more sensible to change careers rather than pay that back?
  9. Because Alan Greenspan is Skeletor, the Fed is Castle Greyskull and the USA is Eternia.
  10. Because of planning restrictions there has been a dearth of Kevin Cahill books published. However, the fundamentals are strong and the price can only ever go up. Don't forget the migrants too. Foxtons Publishers.
  11. I think a Brownian Motion has hit the fan.
  12. Credit crunch = Debt harvest It when the big people take things of real value off the little people.
  13. Essentially I am asking a series of 'why?' and 'who?' questions to trace what happened leading up to the credit restrictions last summer. I believe this is an interesting question - primarily because I believe the bubble was much deeper and longer than it ought to have been. Many pundits agreed. So, who had the lightbulb moment and acknowledged the elephant in room - the actors and players in the game? The realisation that the value Americans sell their labour for (that's if they even work!) could never pay for their debts.
  14. The infantile behaviour in the Maltesers adverts.
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