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  1. I think it has, you've been waiting for a crash to come for years and it has not happened. Buy now or when you can, dont wait
  2. Back in 2005 Pioneer said it was waiting in the wings - long time to wait no?
  3. Ok I'll come back in a year - when prices are the same as what they are now or slightly higher - good luck to you. If I am wrong I will gladly except it, and as for my grasp in economics - we'll who is right
  4. haha thats a cracker - yeah good one, disagree do you? Getting shafted is all relative to your situation. Obviously alot of people must be getting shafted as prices have continued to increase. Maybe it is those "waiting" that actually are?
  5. I cant comment on that at all? Maybe it was due to unemployment, or lack of credit available. Your an expert you tell me why? People will get there money from the bank - duh! Month on Month prices are not going to change that much for the bank not to lend them the money and most if not all banks still predict growth in the market. Banks still want to make money so they will still lend it out, albeit with less sub prime borrowers. You seem to think that everyone in the house market is over stretched? It is only overpriced, if nobody buys it, at the moment, people are falling over backward to buy property. Those on good incomes, can own many properties, those on less, will have to put up with paying rent to those who can afford. The other thing, people are flocking to the UK, rental demand will soon start to increase as a result of this and sub prime being forced to rent.
  6. well maybe I am old timer! But things change, economies develop and learn to adapt? Do you really think that a young FTB is going to look back on the housing slump of the 90's?
  7. Housing has emotional elements to it as well, so you can not compare it to the stock market. For many owning a home is a life long goal and ambition. Do you really think that a FTB will just sit there and wait for prices in property to bottom out? I cant see it, there is alot of demand out there for property, from both here and abroad, and people will buy when they can afford it, not when the market says they should.
  8. will be interesting if it falls for a year - unlikely!
  9. How amusing - waiting over two years for the so called crash to happen. You would have been better to buy in 2005 while prices were lower. If we do get any down ward trend in pricing, the prices will not get back that of circa 2005. People are like sheep, if there is a downward trend, people will snap them up quickly so as not too miss out on that bargin.
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