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  1. My first decree would be that no-one (except those that cannot do ANY job) should receive benefits who have never paid tax. Further to this I would suggest that if you have been a hard working tax payer and need to claim benefits you should receive an equivalent to your last salary (up to a maximum threshold) for a period of six months and after that you are on your own! Anyone heard of natural selection?

    Secondly the tax payer should not supplement anyone who has kids! People should have to work out if they can afford them and if they can't they shouldn't! Simple! Employers should be given some tax relief if they provide suitable childcare arrangements to encourage those with children to be an active part of our economy!

    Thirdly tax payers should be the ones to receive free prescriptions, have access to NHS dentists, etc. etc. not those who have never contributed to our economy! Those who contribute to our economy and society should be rewarded and those who don't shouldn't!

    To combat the possible rise in crime this might cause among certain elements I would also suggest at the same time the justice system is overhauled to a point where the victim or relatives of the victim play an active part in sentencing within certain thresholds, etc. This would possibly include bringing back the death penalty and/or having harsher prisons where it is up to the friends/relatives of the perpitrator to feed those who need punished! An eye fo an eye, etc.

    I have a whole list of things I would do if I was in power but I'm afraid to carry on beacuse long posts tend to get ignored and/or slated (BB :P )


  2. Do not mind house prices, you do not know much about your recent history. To recap

    On Wednesday 15 December 1993, the Joint Declaration on Peace (more commonly known as the Downing Street Declaration) was issued by John Major, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Albert Reynolds, then Taoiseach (Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland), on behalf of the British and Irish governments. This included statements that:

    The British government had no selfish strategic or economic interest in Northern Ireland.

    The British government would uphold the right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide between the Union with Great Britain or a united Ireland.

    The British and Irish governments would work for an agreement among all the people of Ireland, embracing "the totality of relationships"

    The Irish government recognised that "Irish self-determination" (meaning, in this context, a United Ireland) required the agreement and consent of a majority of the people of Northern Ireland. Also, for the first time, a consent of the majority of the people of the Republic of Ireland would be necessary for reunification, giving the South a say in the reunification process.

    The Irish government would try to address unionist fears of a united Ireland.

    A united Ireland could only be brought about by persuasion.

    Peace must involve a permanent end to the use of, or support for, paramilitary violence.

    What you refer to is the Saint Andrews agreement. Totally different. So question marks returned ??????????????????????

    There is a major hangover agreed.

    Pre-conflict house prices can not be compared in any way to post conflict. I assume you are old enough to remember the fear in Belfast and other major centres. It was abominable, especially the time taxi drivers when getting pipped constantly and drive by shooting. Not conducive for house prices in neither Northern Ireland nor anywhere else with conflict - anyone want to now buy in Lagos.

    I am not saying the peace process has been over milked, the contrary, look at my posting. It should be simple to understand the point. Price pre-conflict house prices where much lower for a reason. This 3.5x's sole salary is a myth and bullsh1t IMO.

    I agree totally with this sentiment but the banks are almost forcing the market down now with their lending criteria, no??

  3. The £200 (or thereabouts) is normally what estate agents will charge for the cost of for sale sign, internet ads, propertynews paper, brochures, etc. Most vendors will be asked to pay this before the agent will start marketing the property, but many will not push for payment until the sale completes or the vendor withdraws from the market. If someone withdraws and hasn't paid for the cost of the advertising, admin, etc (outlay) then the estate agent has been out of pocket in what they have spent on marketing that property.

    i have a no sale no fee contract with my EA and i'm sure others will have negiotiated a similar deal so it may have some impact IMO! not me though as i need to sell!

  4. All I can say is I'm looking forward to my 21% pay rise as that will cover true inflation and hopefully leave a little over! However those getting single digit payrises will really feel the pinch beacuse I think it's fair to say true inflation is closer to the 12.5% mark (maybe higher???) despite what the official government figures suggets. Even Mervan King feels that how the official inflation data is collated is inaccurate and in need of a major overhaul. How can the government even suggest that the price of widescreen TV's dropping helps make up for the rising food, energy and other day to day living costs??? It beggars belief...

    They need to change the whole tax system so those that work hard are rewarded and punish those who are able to work but choose not to! I hate this whole socialist politics thing...have these people never heard of natural selection! Maybe I'm going to far here but it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks?

    Anyway rant over...must enjoy the good weather while it's here!

  5. *Okay, cava.

    With the high average house price surely everyone in Northern Ireland can afford very expensive champagne like they do in London!?!


    And thanks, the pay rise will definately help as I'm on a tracker so I've actually seen my mortgage fall...it's just everything else is getting more expensive!

    Cigarettes, alcohol, food, oil, etc. I mean how are people in N.I. suppoesed to afford these 'luxeries' when they can no longer MEW! :lol:

    And please no-one shout at me for smoking, smoking and drinking really help if you are an OO trying to sell in the current market and besides a nice bottle of red and HPC help the evenings pass! :unsure:

  6. Hi-de-ho.

    My buyers' offer is still live but finance still under considerable question - they said they'd understand me putting it back on market, which I did week before last; first viewer coming tomorrow night.

    Thanks for asking. :) And good luck with wedding plans as well as sale. ;)

    Well my sale hasn't fallen through yet...but it is very likely to so.

    And thanks-organising a wedding and selling a house at the same time whilst living in different countries isn't easy but sure it could be worse...and I've managed to negiotiate a nice 21% payrise! :P I should be able to afford food and oil again! :blink: Anyone else think that inflation is closer to 20% than 2% at present??

    Hopefully all works out well for you WBS and we will soon be able to join with Sophia in the joyous post completion phase!

  7. Presumably the EA get a % commission for each house sold. Typ. ~0.7%

    I would have thought that selling was more important than pricing.

    A £10,000k reduction to you will cost him/her only £70 - out of a commission of say £1000!

    In that Freakanomics book by Levitt i think - he found out using data that EAs when selling their houses kept them on the market for 3 weeks longer than the average Jo. and they secured a higher price by a few grand.

    the conclusion he came to was that the EA doesn't give a hoot about the price it sells at - only the commission - since 0.7% of £200k = ~ 0.7% of £201K.

    NI EAs are probably just retarded and believe that the market is shooting green like the media says.

    I know I thought he'd be happy with a seller willing to be flexible for a speedy sale-some commission is better than no commission!?!

  8. Apart from lost time, what's the problem with moving on? The house you buy (if it is in NI) is depreciating as much as yours.

    I just want it sold (not too bothered about the hit, as long as I clear the mortgage & costs but time is important) as my fiancee has been living in england in our new place for nearly a year by herself and we get married in August! Interestingly I wanted to drop it more but the EA didn't think this was a good idea as current offers are always lower than the asking price regardless of what they are and also that his commission would be lower! :angry:

    Shall see what happens! Any news from WBS recently???

  9. your goin for 2000 every week! u sure ur not on those green pills?! cant wait to your right

    Well if there are 27,000 overpriced houses for sale, 2,000 dropping in one week seems reasonable-after all that's only around 7% of the inventory! Especially with more 'realistic' sellars like me dropping 27% off the asking prices and willing to listen to offers!


    My house has had a total of 45k reductions off the asking price since November which relates to a 27% drop. It has been sale agreed a few times as I have always had it lower than the competition but as yet has never completed as people cannot borrow what they thought they could!

    Good news for you guys...bad news for the ordinary OO needing to sell to move on!

  11. 1500/2000 - u boys on the happy pills?! im going for 830 ?(below the current 1000 average) based on VI spin that the gov'ts £50 billion has stopped falling prices :lol:

    I'm an OO trying to sell so I couldn't afford happy pills! Maybe I could MEW and buy some though...oh wait, how much for that arrangement fee :o What do you mean a higher rate than I secured earlier in the year despite the BOE interest rate cuts :o Oh shite, maybe BB was right all along... :blink:

    Ah but the economy is still growing:


    And Stormont has been so effective bringing in new investments! What do you mean global recession:



    Interesting times ahead but the price of food, oil, etc. puts house prices into perspective somewhat??? I think the global financial system needs over hauled and quick or these commidity speculators will force the average Joe into poverty and those in poverty...all I can see is God help them!

  12. Some times I feel that the saying that 'ignorance is bliss' is so true! :blink:

    As an OO currently trying to sell...yes and no. Yes as you don't worry so much and no because some posts make scarily good sense (BB-heres looking at some of your posts).

    But the show must go on!

  13. Hopefully in the future (once the crash has ended) mortgage payments will be taken into account will calculating inflation and thus interest rates. Maybe this along with other tax penalties relating to second/investment homes will finally stop this boom and bust cycle of property prices! Homes lived in by the people should be owned by the people. This will help people take more pride in their homes, areas, etc. and may even help Northern Ireland develop further into a civilised society and surely that is what we all want?

    I say once the crash has ended because if mortagage payments weren't taken into consideration while house prices were rising they cannot be taken into account as house prices are falling as this will simply distort the state of the UK plc economy further. Surely we as a nation would be better placed to deal with uncertainties in the world's markets if our attitudes were reversed to a time when one saved occasionally for what one wanted rather than reaching out for constant credit, etc. (N.B. I speak as someone who has no debts except for my mortgage and plan to stay that way no matter my fiancee may say!)


  14. Actually, I also see anacdotal evidence of an upturn in the market.

    A girl here at work has finally sold her house, the deal went through (yes, she sold it for less than the peak price, but she sold it nevertheless).

    Then, in our own development there are only 9 houses for sale now, instead of 10. The one that apparently sold (it is up for rent now) was the lowest priced, and the seller was giving a new Renault Clio with it.

    And I have met two people last night who were optimistic about the house prices. One of them told me houses have to be expensive in Belfast, because there's a water/sewer limitation on any new builds.

    And, of course, Helen Carson and some contributors here have told us that the bottom is near! :)


    Is it time to pack the ship again then???

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