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  1. There are crazy medics too. But you can cherry pick the 1% crazy ones or believe the best available data. Your choice. Have you tried the niacin then?
  2. What is worrying is the lack of worry about the migrants and their families. Apparantly the lives of the firemen are worth a lot more than those of the migrants. A bit like the reporting on the Iraq war where the loss of Iraqi lives are barely noted in the western press.
  3. Yes you referred to that not me. Go back in the thread, you will see my reply which you disagreed with was to Solvent Cell, who in no uncertain terms stated Britain for the British. No qualification.
  4. we can only hope you're right! somehow these managerial types seem to hang on though, against all the odds.
  5. Fair enough, I have no problem with controlling migration. However lots of people here are getting quite hysterical about it.
  6. This is very selective. i have a brother living in Asia not reporting any such problems. Anyway who mentioned Asia? I'm sure there are countries out there that will make it difficult for foreigners, but there are loads of countries that will treat you fairly well.
  7. Yes and I do the same here yet get pilloried in the press and have people ask me why I'm here. so what's the difference??!
  8. Yes. That old sentiment. They must stay away from our country (except when we want cheap labour) but should accept us everywhere we go. Nice.
  9. Given it's your own government it's scary that you think it fair to point fingers at immigrants.
  10. Yes though I mostly agree with the bearish views expressed. What bothers me more is the often barely concealed racist comments. Such views in an economic downturn will be highly dangerous (apart from being stupid and wrong).
  11. Question: Do you apply this angst over migrant labour to yourself? Do you condemn it when English people move to other countries?
  12. You guys should stop believing everything you read in the Daily Mail. I allready posted on this in another thread. All of the above applies to me in as a foreign worker in this country. I cannot claim benefits AND have to contribute to your benefit system. The Uk has benefited as much as it can from foreign workers. Is it right to then want to boot us all out as soon as it looks like the economy will turn down?
  13. This is far fetched to say the least. The fact that you're advocating a deficiency shows that you're a uninformed in this field and probably misquoting from some wacko website.
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