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  1. Its not a higher rate "to cover digs" ? I dont understand; are you getting temporary workers and contractors mixed up?
  2. Happy_renting is spot on. When I moved as a permi i got ~3k expense costs covered.
  3. Nope, contractors like myself are paid a higher rate for being available and easy to hire/fire. I can be on-site next day if I’m free, regardless of location, and will stay there for the duration! I can supply my own equipment (which has cost £40k so far) if required. Or I can work to requirements in my own lab remotely. I have my own insurances to cover various scenarios and have to pay various other fees (2k+ per year). Oh and there’s the cost of the education to enter the industry. All of these costs are reflected in the rate, including the risk of being asked to leave i.e. no security, no holiday, no sick pay, no pension contributions...etc...etc. The list goes on. And dam right I claim expenses when renting places away! Its a cost of doing buisness, just like the 4k item of equipment thats sitting on a clients lab bench! In my contracting career, I’ve been on contracts which last a few months to a couple of years. Yes years, technical work sometimes takes long periods to complete! I’m there to do a specific job and nothing else. Sometimes Im working for multiple companies. Ive had one company fail to pay ££££ of invoices and couldn’t get it back. I’ve had another company whereby the schedule was such that I was working 95+ hours per week with financial risks. Working as a contractor is totally different and while there may be some who take the piss, your attitude is the kind that encourages the acceptance of penalising folk like me running a legitimate services company. And I use the term loosely because I want to develop a product via the Ltd company, but require cash, hence the consulting. The other reason I started contracting because I was sick of not being able to afford a decent house. Ive averaged 75+ hours per week over the last 4 years and the vitriol on various forums against contractors pisses me off. How about you try working those hours, away from home, with all the stress and potential gaps. Its a risk I took to do something about my situation. How is it fair that I work my life away when the benifets of working hard just dont seem linear with the sacrifices? Everytime I raise my head it seems productive people are getting bashed but yet the only ones who are vocal are those in receipt of benifets; in work or otherwise. (back to work...)
  4. Any chance you could post the source code?
  5. Most landlords I have rented from insist on making time for it to be checked yearly. This guy or the house must have been getting reminders.
  6. Quick google but my point is about real est. of 80 million due to food stats...
  7. Reminds me of: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/9353439/Why-Tesco-could-teach-No-10-a-thing-or-two.html
  8. Thanks for the replies and the quote from shelter. Ive read the AST contract and it doesn't mention rent increases so I assume they cant just increase it and make us liable and say we have 2 weeks? The email states they are of the opinion that they have successfully increased the rent, seems odd. I presume its them trying to pull yet another fast one. Im not trying to be awkward but theyve had their pound of flesh in the past 3 years of reliable rent and trouble free tenants, seems odd to push things now when they know we're moving out in the next couple of months.
  9. My GF and I have been living in a property for 3 years and 3 months. Each year the EA/landlord has given us a new contract to sign in June, which we have. This year my GF is returning to university so we need to move away from this house by September. We have informed the landlord that this is the case and have avoided signing the contract. They have been VERY awkward and I have had several calls/messages/visits from them telling us 'they are picking up the contract' and that 'we must have had time to read it by now'. They first tried to get us to sign a year contract when they knew we were planning on moving out. Now they have put a 2 month break clause. We have discussed how we are just on a rolling contract now so will obviously will pay the rent / under obligation. I think the issue is they want to increase the rent by £50 for these last two months. Im currently working 6-7 days a week (just started a new business) so am very busy and TBH stressed. They have just sent an email stating that we are £50 short and that we must pay this. With an Assured Short-hold Tenancy I was under the impression that we are now on a rolling contract, and pay what was agreed. Also that they will have to issue notice for us to move and this will take 2 months. If we to move, we need to give 1 month. Is there anything they can do? Im pretty sure we can find a place within 2 months (we have to anyway!).
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