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  1. Fixed at 6.08% for the next 6 months, both for existing and new.
  2. The devil's in the detail... It's only paid for a maximum of 104 weeks and then nothing Everyone gets swapped onto the new rules, bit of a downer for those who don't need the new limits and thought they were getting it paid for ever!
  3. This has already been done... From about 2003 new joiners are on money purchase, the same as private sector pensions and they have to contribute to the scheme. Index linked is only for those who joined before then and chose not to opt out - many did as there was quite a persuasiev glossy saying how much more they would get...
  4. Not where I work, the median is £288 pw @ £15000 pa, so that would mean a maximum pension of £7500 after 40 years service - god knows where they get their figures from but it isn't the real world... and the index linked pensions are only for those who joined before 2003 ish
  5. Some bloke on gloomberg this morn said it was unthinkable for china to grow less than 7% and less than 5% would crash the world
  6. Housing (&Council Tax) Benefit are a Local Authority Benefit so have nothing to do with the DWP... The only input the DWP have is if you make a claim to one of their benefits they provide the Housing & Council Tax benefit claim forms. Griping against the wrong organisation I'm afraid. Here's the link: Direct Gov - Housing Benefit
  7. 500,000 is 7.9% of the population of the state, which is ranked 9th by median income in the US...omfg
  8. Glad to see they're moving with the times... The DSS ceased to exist in 2001!
  9. S17 in propertysnake last year consistently returned 1 page with @ 3 entries, now it's showing 5 pages and thsi is with the exclusion of the biggest EA Blundells!
  10. I live in Sheffield....this is like manna from heaven Renting in the most expensive wanna be village of Dore.. children at local school. The property were in is a 3/4 bed semi in a small cul-de-sac, OK but nothing special and needs a lot of remedial work doing. It was bought in 2001 for @ £110K and would have peaked last year at about £350-400K!!! Sheffield went meteoric for some unearthy reason...there is very little here that warrants it but there are a huge amount of new build flats (with more going up all the time). Though it has a very large student population and there is a massive BTL market here. All ingredients for a massive downturn...lol
  11. I think you'll find this is the musicians arranging themselves on the deck preparing to soothe the passengers with some popular tunes before they realise there aren't enough lifeboats available...
  12. I think yo maybe hoping for it all to happen today rather than through it's natural course. Last time I got into trouble in mid '94 but it wasn't until April '96 when I decided to choose bankruptcy! I just ignored the banks demands and they were in no hurru to reposses - in fact I think they would rather not have had me go bankrupt - lol
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