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  1. I work for a local authority in the South of England, nearly all of our departments are planning for a 20-30% cut in finances next year, council tax will rise by no more than 1%. As a previous poster wrote, I just don't see how our infrastructure will soak up all the additional unemployment that will come over the next few years, we have no industry. Scary times. I've been in local goverbnment for 6 years and in that time I've seen any number of equality and diversity and health and safety officers added to the payroll (often on £40-60k), in my opinion it would do no harm at all to trim these posts but the local politians just won't go near them.
  2. What's the worst that can happen? We lose the professionals and we need to employ a bunch of amateurs. Then there's the danger that these amateurs ritter away all the nations money and leave us in a terrible hole......................oh wait, I need to rethink this argument.
  3. You know how they're dealing with those backlog cases? They're giving them all citizenships. I work in County Council and our citizenship ceremonies have gone form monthly to weekly and after Xmas we'll be doing 6 a month. Each ceremony is attended by approximately 120 people. Just look at the latest stats on http://www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/index.html
  4. Stats please. It's like saying that if you ask a group of homeless people to come and live in your big house you should also ask them to bring in some additional cooks and house cleaners so that the workload is shared. Ultimately the house is more crowded, the original inhabitants have less space and spend longer queing to use the bathroom, while the former homeless people start telling you what a wonderful decision you've made.
  5. It's because of the finger pointing fools like you that any debate on this issue was suppressed. "Our local hospital/dentists/doctors etc. would be empty of professionals if it wasn't for people from other countries doing the jobs that people from the UK don't seem to want. " Blah blah blah, yes that's the line isn't it. We have plenty of people to do these jobs, it's just a case of making sure they're properly incentivised. Isn't the next line something about British people being too lazy? What's wrong with wanting to live in a country with one culture and little diversity? Works well enough in Japan. I don't see Muslim youths running amok in Osaka like they are in Paris and Stockholm, buses blowing up in Nagoya or race riots in Kobe. I'd like to see immigration closely managed, but I'd also like to see people like you to shut up!
  6. I had no idea!!! But regardless, may I just say that you were excellent and certainly know your stuff. Ahhh happy times
  7. It's practically a vertical drop at the moment, it's going down faster than a Vietnamese bargirl I once knew.
  8. I can just imagine Broon on his hands and knees desperately pulling cables out the back of the FTSE servers.
  9. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/market-overview-lse-trading-suspended-digilook-7a4008163b72.html
  10. I was beginning to feel a bit uneasy myself until someone mentioned Windows. Wonder if they've tried rebooting?!
  11. Just gave my brother in law at the exchange a call, he said people are looking very grim and there's a sense of unease, he likened it to the feeling we had when we met in Waterloo station while the London bus bombings were going off, everything looked the same but equally everyone knew something was very wrong. Good old Exchangers. Bless 'em and their efforts to keep us afloat,
  12. Posted this in the Off topic section, but here it is again: The Latest Immigration stats (for Q3), were released by the ONS today. Despite public disapproval and the government banging on about it's points-based system, the numbers of people arriving, people taking student visas, being given leave to remain and taking British citizenship are all up This from the report - Applications for British citizenship rose by 29 per cent in Q3 2009 (44,910) compared with Q3 2008 (34,945). Comparing the last 12 months (ending 30 September 2009) with the previous 12 months (ending 30 September 2008) applications rose by 24 per cent, from 147,055 to 181,650. The number of persons granted British citizenship in the UK increased by 69 per cent to 54,430 in Q3 2009 compared to Q3 2008 (32,220). Comparing the last 12 months with the previous 12 months the number of persons granted British citizenship rose by 57 per cent from 126,310 to 197,955. Asylum numbers are down but then they were only ever a drop in the ocean of the larger immigration numbers. The complete report can be read here: http://www.homeoffic...ylum-stats.html Control of Immigration: Quarterly Statistical Summary, United Kingdom - Third Quarter 2009
  13. Is the Dubai news going to be kick in the nadgers for our economy?
  14. My wife and her family are from rural Japan and have a nice self-sufficient little farm. If it all went truly tits up here I'd move over there and live in her Granparents house (vacant since both are now deceased). It's a lovely area and whilst it's a little quiet Japan remains so bizzarre that you're never far from some entertainment.
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