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  1. There are still an eyewatering amount of bad debts out there, either hidden or kicked into the future. It's about time some people started realising those losses rather than expecting others to do it for them.
  2. 5The longer they keep rates at 0.5% the harder its going to be to ever raise them, just look at japan. The entire economy will become dependent on ultra low interest rates and we'll be trapped.
  3. When we're borrowing 12% of GDP then I expect some pretty spectacular...er, 'growth' here!
  4. Normal for them is "completely unaffordable without massive amounts of reckless and fraudulent lending"
  5. All those IT snake-oil salesman must be creaming their pants at another ludicrously overambitious, unworkable centralised IT scheme!
  6. Who was it who suddenly found £4.3 billion that wasn't there a month earlier? Have the treasury drafted some Enron accountants in or is there a magicican working at Number 11? Whoever it was, can't we put them in charge? All our problems will be over!
  7. Notice how, yet again, the number of people in employement has also fallen as unemplyoment has fallen. Labour is simply squirrelling away all these people on some scheme or other, at taxpayers expense. It's not good news however the BBC likes to spin it.
  8. Sounds like either a blip due to the previous months bad weather or some shenanigans to me, were are people getting the money from when wages are so stagnant?
  9. This is the problem with setting interest rates at 0.5%, it's like a drug - once they're that low its incredibly difficult to raise them without causing absolute carnage. We're essentially trapped, even if it becomes imperative to raise rates we can't do so without plunging whole areas of the economy back into the brown stuff.
  10. It's just another silly point missing gimmick. All we need to do is take away their license to print money and everything else would take care of itself.
  11. Political Doublethink is so ubiquitous now it almost goes uncommented on. How can Osbourne pledge to support savers and also pledge low interest rates for borrowers?
  12. This. But its too simple for this bunch of *****, since they decided to base our entire economy on debt and house price speculation, regardless of how ruinous that is for our standard of living.
  13. Err, aren't they just taxing taxpayers money? Why don't they try not giving our money to these twats in the first place?
  14. Byeee! Close the door on the way out and please don't ever come back.
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