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  1. Good luck eastleighfan with your purchase.
  2. I haven't posted for what seems an eternity, but I am forever grateful to this site for helping me to always think clearly and logically . I have seen too many now ,panicked into buying, suffer the consequences. Thanks RB for all your informative posts.
  3. Tuned in to C4 by chance - you did good FP ( still find it hard to believe this long awaited crash is finally underway - )
  4. morning eastleighfan, I saw them on GMTV aswell, they are victims like many of us...despite the healthy income ( sigh) . Checked out propertybee lately for southampton? That should put a smile back onyour face!!!! There's a bungalow near to my parents...started the year at £315K, then £289K, NOW £249K!!!!!! still high, granted, but its looking good.
  5. It's over Krusty..............just accept it You are now a victim of Hpc.......and it's not great is it? Just like all those poor sods you and Phil suckered into believing and buying the dream. You looked truly uncomfortable on the GMTV sofa...the easy money's over - shame
  6. It's been a long time waiting! Even I will crawl out of the woodwork today to post on this Great Day. For all those worrying about what appears to be "small" percentage drops - the reality is - 10 or 20% drops required in order to sell. In my area I have noticed a 3 bed det drop from £289K early Feb 08 to £249K April 08.......and still not sold...this is the reality.
  7. Today I've spotted a 2/3 bed detached house originally priced at £289000 early Feb this year. Reduced once to £279000, and this morning reduced now to £249000. So, in almost three months that's £40K! Looks like a crash to me.
  8. Might have called the top too soon BUT we were right............this has been my sanctuary, my daily 1/2 hour of reading informative posts which have slapped me across the face every time I felt a wobble to buy a house. Thankyou, I'll still be calling in even after the market bottoms out
  9. I saw the news too. Thought there's no way he will say crash.......and then he did!! Sentiment and the media is the biggest driver.
  10. Austin Allegro "Tis true, but I doubt if the MSE OP sees it this way - I get the impression she genuinely believes her house has an absolute value, not a relative value - she just doesn't understand that prices can go down as well as up and thinks that anyone who believes this is 'talking the market down'. " Not only that........there are many that thought a serious downturn had been predicted so many times during the last 3-4 years.........so,because it hadn't happened - it never would. It's a hard thing to have to admit to yourself that we are now very likely to be "on the way down". Ther
  11. Please don't take this the wrong way FP - but I think you need to turn your computer off today - a day away from this site might help
  12. Rarely post these days....but FP you are really doing agreat job - you speak for the ordinary man - no vested interests. You are incredibly brave to speak on national tv...don't allow any criticisms to put you off. rgds
  13. Now that's interesting...The Abbey in Eastleigh ( again in the south coast area) had its doors shut yesterday with a note saying "branch shut til further notice"........I bet they were delivering bad news to some of the staff. It's the tip of the ice berg.
  14. Gordon Clown? you've got to be joking..most unfanciable bloke ever.
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