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  1. Cheam "village" is a misnomer - I think having several red routes and being in the centre of the zone 6 suburban sprawl proves that!
  2. Ok let me clarify. I have been working with India and HK/China for 5 years now, both as the whole team and mixed with onshore heads. Most things I am seeing here are equivalent to my first impressions, things took too long, were wrong, I spent more time doing code QA etc. 5 years down the line (and apologies if I am preaching to other Dev and Project managers who have been working with offshore for 5 years) things are much improved. It's simple, build a team and spend time with that team. I know that might to be hard for some developers to understand (because it can be a simple world when you only write code) but it's a key point. I'd point out that I had no influence in the decision to offshore, in addition our company bought shops over there so we all work for the same company. As for the UK thing, I was only pointing out that it was fair to compare apples with apples. I have met a lot of "IT people", and there is a fair spread of ability. I mention contractors because it is far easier for the less competant ones to move around before being found out - we have surely all met someone like this... As for my prof's comment, if you think that all the SDK's out there don't qualify as libraries then we are talking on different levels. Imagine the effort you would have to put in to build simple application from scratch.
  3. Sorry that is horseshit. Anyone with any sense knows that to engage any overseas office you need to put the effort in. If you get crap produced for you then you are equally to blame for not managing it correctly. I know just as many incompetant Uk techies as overseas ones - it's just some of the Uk ones want £400 a day. The days of the 45k in-house programmer are gone - the trend is definatly towards 3rd party. My lecturer told me years ago that one day all the C++ classes would be written and the programmers job would be done - in a way he was right. Unless you are a software or technology company, why pay through the nose for an expensive IT department?
  4. Hi Comparables I am no guru, but have followed prices in the area since we moved here (early 06). Forgetting the Webb estate I have noticed many falls in asking prices on the big 4/5 bed detached places around west Purley (woodcote valley road etc) - mainly about 15-20% - however they take an age to sell. I would imagine if you priced low you could sell quite quickly. What I see happening is people simply not selling. The prices here were insane a few years ago and the homes are not really for first time buyers. This would lead me to guess that sitting tight will be the standard game plan. As/if redundancies kick in that may force actual prices to show a decent drop. The thing I can't quite work out is that as there are so many newish Porche/Merc/Range Rovers around - are these paid for by actual cash (as it's a reasonably wealthy area) or from re-mortgages? Most of the cars in the station car park (where you would expect to see the higher earners) are in the league below this - so what do these footballers' wives types actually do? Lets hope it's not buy to let. We will be here for at least another 10 years as it's so handy for work, but as an anecdotal when I remortgaged this year (5 yr fix) the Nationwide valuation came in within £1k of what we paid in early 06. Is there any particular road/area you are interested in? Hope this helps and will follow other posts with interest.
  5. It's 80/20 A good techie can do the 20% of things that other 80% haven't got the understanding/ability/experience to do. It's that 20% of "hard stuff" that generates 80% of the benefit. I have worked extensively with outsourced projects in India, and there are some good people.
  6. Agree with all of the above, suburbia is not very exciting except the town centres which can be "dangerously" exctiting. I have lived in Cheam, Carshalton, Wallington and now in Purley which has to be the best of the 4. The A23 corridor is not the most glamorous place in the world, but there are nice bits and you can get some peace and quiet in your garden. The train service does it for us though as me + Mrs both work in London. If it wasn't for that, we'd be living by the sea somewhere!
  7. Always makes me laugh! It misses out creating your own energy source for a start :angry:
  8. We live in Purley and the proximity to Croydon isn't really an issue - just don't go there after dark! The commute into London is good from Purley, trains every 15-20 mins to London Bridge and Victoria, and the trains run through the night. I walk to work and my weekly ticket is about £36 to Victoria. I would say that Purley town centre is a bit of a damp squib, although some of the restaraunts are perfectly nice.
  9. And business etc etc. Highly unlikely. What about overseas ISPs? Shut them down too? Or just shut the various flavours of network hub that connect everything together?
  10. Thats what I thought - especailly in Loxwood where the renovated canal is. That area is a bit out of the way tbh (used to drive through it every day in my younger years)
  11. Would you mind revealing which area of East Surrey this is? I have been checking that area (albeit north of the M25) for 18 months and you rarely see anything in that price range go under offer and rarer still complete!
  12. I spent a few years in Clifton in my student days (spot the Notts Trent student!) and having read this thread saw my old house was for sale! 25 Fleming Gardens I was shocked to say the least. Number 1, the landlord had about 6 of these places in Clifton and he paid 8K for ours in the early nineties. Now 84K. Number 2, Clifton is an utter hole, riddled with drugs, crime and violence. In my time there I lost count of the car chases, stabbings and burglaries - notwithstanding the late night parties then ended in Jeremy Kyle type scraps after too much royal dutch lager. Still you could get a yellow and blue 48 into the center for 8p and see the xylophone man outside the Broadmarsh center and fill a trolley with frozen fat for a fiver at farm foods.....sigh... Can anyone enlighten me as to how anyone who earns over 20K pa in Notts would choose Clifton as somewhere o bring up a family? Forgive me if I am out of date and it's had a "brixton" style gentrification process.
  13. I hope the kitchen was distressed. If you want to revamp the kitchen I know a very nice man who runs Kitchen Planet just off the bypass who might be able to sort out a deal. Don't foget to take your PA though...
  14. Glad to help No it's not bad, it's just not as nice. Anything close to or between Woodcote Valley Road or Foxely lane (but not on those roads - far too busy!) is my preference - you will see a couple of want-to-be footballers wives houses so keep her busy reading the map! Great Woodcote park is nice also and may actually have flat gardens. Sorry I couldn't say to be honest - you'll need to take a drive around. Yes - there are far too many of them! The genuinly local ones are Shinerocks, Hirch Way and Ambler and Park and Bailey - there are also the usual big chains with their upmarket offices. Here's a couple that show the stock of the area in nice spots: House 1 This came on at 795k in October, so a deal could be done I guess! House 2 Best of luck..
  15. Hi Jay We moved to Purley 3 years ago from the south coast, very similar reasons regarding commuting. Purley seems to have a wealth of detached houses and being where it is it is quite expensive - for that read that there is a long way to fall yet! The Webb estate is fantastic and we would love to live there, but i think even now you need £750k+ for one of the semis! How have we found it? Well on the plus side we found somewhere really quiet and although central very well hidden. There are some nice enclaves to be found if you look hard enough. The train service is second to none - if you are travelling up to london (I go to Victoria - 20 mins and London Bridge - 30 mins). In rush hour there are usually 2 or 3 trains ready for you whenever you decide to turn up to the station. Also, there is some nice green belt (if you like walking/cycling etc) about 5 minutes away and some reasonable "country" pubs to reward yourself after strenuous activity. The nicer parts are to the west side of the A23 - tyhe other side tens to suffer from the noise from the railways. On the down side - there are lots of hills and lots of rat-runs so make sure you are happy with any hills you need to walk up/down or busy roads. You rarely find a flat garden - but there are some ingenious solutions to this problem in the area. There are a couple of resteraunts in the town, but they are more friday after work types than fine dining. The town center is souless and dead - however Coulsdon (1m down the road) has one of the best "independent" high streets I have seen for ages and you kind of feel obliged to shop there to support the locals. There is a lot of "bling" in the area. You can't move for the 3 pointed stars in the car parks but in general is far better that Croydon, which like any peripheral center has it's problems. We rarely got there unless it's required to visit one of the big shopping centers and you feel like you are in the opening sequence to "the Equaliser" on the trams. We have found the locals to be friendly and not "chavvy" but then you will see blondes with shades driving range rovers several times a day with apparently no job. In terms of current prices, this is prime reduction territory. Stuff that was on for £650-700k (standard 4 bed detached) is now 400-450k and very little seems to be selling. So, in all it serves it's purpose. It's not our spiritual home, and I look forward to moving back down south at some point in the future but as a commuter (mine has gone from 2.5 hours each way to < 1hr door to door) dormitory it's one of the better ones. Good luck!
  16. Depends which part, but some parts yes. I would have to say though that there are plenty of other areas in greater London just the same. Houses prices have been insane in the area and I would expect some big hits. One round the corner from me went on in feb this year at £720k, now just sold stc with an asking price of £500k - so would guess it went for maybe £475k? It's a modern 4 bed detached....
  17. Tin foil hats. Bullsh1t on the internet. Gold ramping. Seriously though, icons of this decade of excess? Not much difference to the icons of the last decade of excess: Range Rovers - Range Rovers Mobile Phones - Mobile Phones Natwest Tower - Gherkin Dallas - CSI or something like that House Prices - House Prices Pet Shop Boys - Coldplay You get the idea Round and around and around we go...
  18. Reminds me of the once suggested contents of a romantic picnic hamper* *A hankie, a botttle of rohypnol and 4 tennets for afters
  19. Anecdotally, a friend of mine (Business Analyst in Fund Management) was made redundant 3 weeks ago, now she has 3 job offers (2 contracts, 1 Perm) all within a 1 week search, all in the city*. *awaits "we'll see how long they last" comments, well you would say that wouldn't you!
  20. As it was explained to me: Alt a = sh1t product, good customer Subprime = sh1t product, sh1t customer
  21. You heard wrong. It's the investment bank, not the retail.
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