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  1. To answer the question, House Price Crash caused the credit crunch, not the other way round!
  2. Merv is my hero. Good bloke, hugely intelligent and has been saying houses are over valued for years.
  3. THATS IT THATS IT. PROJECT MAYHEM!!!! The way we convert this talking and posting into ACTION!!!! Lets just actually meet up in a basement and have fist fights with each other!!
  4. I hide this website away like it is porn and do not mention it. I am fascinated watching the tide of sentiment turn, in the media , on the web, and in conversations with people, but feel it is almost distasteful to dwell on the subject in company. I have always tried not to rant to people about the unsustainable price bubble and its inevitable correction, but one or two friends who are aware of my views have lately started to realise I may be right. One or two others who are vulnerable to any fall in house prices have said recently that they dont share my outlook but have gone much quieter and lost the dogmatic confidence they had a few years ago. A couple of other people I know have merely retreated to another fall back position, saying price falls are minor, short term and localised. But the mood is darkening weekly and I think they will be carried with it over the coming months, with maybe a few rallies and false dawns. From August 2007 to summer of 08 will I think be the most interesting time to follow this crisis. That 12 month period will surely mark the turning point. After that it will get boring and depressing for a few years. Slopes and straight lines are not as interesting on a graph as curves. The eventual recovery will also be of less fascination than these times we are in right now. A crash is always sexier to watch than a recovery, no matter what side of the debate you are on. And I'm supposed to be a bull!
  5. I've rarely seen such drivel even in these forums! Talk of the end of civilisation as we know it, just because a record breaking run of growth and easy credit has run its course? Things don't look or feel any different in a recession than they did before. Life goes on as normal. And as for people talking of gold being where its at, you are just like the Buy-to-Letters you mock, jumping on a band-wagon when it has already rocketed off up the hill, just because everyone else is now saying that gold is where its at. Can you not see the similarity? Surely the time to invest in gold, for the smart money, was before the current spike started.
  6. Getting back to the original post, I'm not even sure you are a genuine buyer anyway Count. Why on earth are you serioulsy looking to buy now of all times if you are so convinced there will be a crash in house prices? You are just playing games are'nt you? If you really are serious about buying, and have seen a place you really fancy, you've just shot yourself in the foot and made yourself ridiculous, not only to those lovely estate agents, but to everyone on this forum. If you were not seriously looking, then no harm done.
  7. I wonder if FP's tv appearance on the bbc was used as a tool to scare the mpc into cutting? double edged sword I suppose, unless he turns down interviews a few days before mpc decision days. You are joking right? Tell me this was tongue in cheek. I think the real world outside this forum is pretty much unanimously approving the rate cut. Press and spokes people from all sides of economy see the basic good sense of it despite serious inflation danger.
  8. I disagree. My bet is Bank of England will not lower interest rates. And so what if they do? Slashing interest rates has not helped US housing market over last few months one bit, and a cut wont make things any easier for mortgagees anyway as lenders probably cant afford to pass rate cuts on to consumers.
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