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  1. "head of major supermarket in Iceland encourages people to hoard food and to stop buying foreign products no currency for food imports" blog article 'no money, no cheerios'
  2. In the second quarter this year, 21% of all sales were distressed, i.e. repossessions, compared to 5% in the first quarter of 2005.
  3. Lot 105 in Clive emson's auction on 23rd September 2008 : "39 acres plus lordship of Shetland & sheriffdom of stewarty of Orkney & Shetland" "interested applicants may view directly on site during daylight hours"
  4. it was featured on BBC TV in Feb 2008 see forum discussion
  5. just found old notes on some auction results in Croydon in 1991/92. I don't think these will be on any websites. I've looked up the recent sales for them on housesprices.co.uk e.g. a studio for £21,000 in the auction that sold in 2000 for £73,000. The list can be found on this blog
  6. Lot 74, number 10 Sunshine Way, Surrey CR4 3HQ, failed to sell in the Allsop auction on 29th May, 2008. It is available for £180,000. This street was built by the Church Army and is now owned by the Riverside Group. See blog for background information and links.
  7. Some flats were sold in the Countrywide Property Auction at Thursday, 15th MAY, 2008 Flat 0/1, £85,000 Flat 0/6, £78,000 Flat 0/26, £37,500 Flat 6/31, £79,000
  8. Flat 2, Princess Lodge, 41 Church Road, Mitcham CR4 3BF was sold in July 2005 for £249,950 - didn't sell at auction today (21st May 2008) and the last bid was £143,000 Flat 3, Princess Lodge, 39 Church Road, Mitcham CR4 3BF also sold for £249,950 in July 2005 also didn't sell today and the last bid was £147,000 These flats were built on the site of a former pub: 11 flats in total were sold for 250K each.
  9. and it didn't sell in the 21st May auction either. The 'last bid' history has been:- March £435,000 April £390,000 May £338,000
  10. A graphic in today's FT Weekend magazine (May 10th/11th 2008) shows house price crashes since 1973. The definition of a crash is a fall of 15% or more in real, inflation-adjusted prices. The countries listed are Canada Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Japan Korea Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland UK
  11. ah, this looks a good resource! I've added it to the blogroll on my blog, where I post results of interest - mostly London/South East England - but there are others ....
  12. Sorry, I don't know have any insider information and whether this was a discount, but the HousePrices.co.uk lists 2 prices for the same date....the lower price being approx 20% less than the higher. That looks like a discount. But it's just a guess.
  13. sold in August 2006 for £210,000 with 20% discount at £178,500, this 2-bed flat was sold for £135,000 at the Barnard Marcus auction on 17th April, 2008. The flat is on the Bryant Homes development called Delta Riverside, see blog, where flats are still available for £285,000 . . .
  14. repossessed 5-bed house in Lingfield - previous highest bid was £435K and latest highest was £390K : see blog
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