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  1. You expect the left wing media engine that is the BBC to give praise to the Tories? Not on yer life.
  2. Do you wander round the house with shorts and t-shirt? My heating is set at 16, but sometimes gets turned down to 14 or lower when im training on my turbo trainer. Rule of thumb - if you arent wearing a jumper then put one on before turning it up. Me and my girlfriend are quite active - ie we dont site at home for hours in front of the tv and ive found that can make a difference
  3. Love it. We are back to the headlines in the report of
  4. Halifax are always released the morning of the BoE monthly meeting. That means they will be released tomorrow morning
  5. Your deposit should have been protected as your last AST was signed in March this year. Ask about the deposit protection and if it isnt notify your landlord you will begin legal proceedings to claim back 3 times your deposit unless the full amount is returned within 24 hours.
  6. I believe the OBR has a new Chief from when it last gave a forcast. No one told the new chief that the last cheif already had rounded the previous figures up.
  7. I have never known forex to be anywhere near correct... Although i'll happily take a 0.4% fall.
  8. Repo auctions. I believe that it does include auctions of properties which arent distressed.
  9. The only positive to come out of it (by the sounds of the things ) is that the questions are why arent interest rates going up and QE being unwound. Imagine if it was Labour - the questions would be why arent you printing more and can we have negative interest rates
  10. The BoE would never move upwards quickly. 0.25 a month for certain. Never anything more.
  11. They are preparing the UK for it - what do you think their announcement earlier this week was all about. Its not going to be very negative, but thats not going to matter... Im sure they'll find something to blame it on - maybe todays snow?
  12. How much did they press point 3? Surely after so long of inflation above 2%, a few months of inflation below 2% wouldnt hurt as long as its above 0?
  13. I think most people on here agree with the cuts, if not feel that they didnt go far enough....
  14. Next time you receive a mortgage letter simply write "return to sender - no longer at this address". That should make things interesting
  15. If you pay prior to reviewing it and there turns out to be unfair terms that the LA are unwilling to remove, then the LA will have to refund you the money. If they refuse threaten them with the small claims court - the judge will easily find in your favour as it will class as being under duress. However its much easier if they are sensible enough to show you a sample prior to putting down the holding deposit.
  16. Merv and the rest of the MPC are beginning to look completely incompentent now.... They know no better than just to sit on the fence, month in month out whilst the rest of us get bum raped with inflation that they refuse to do anything about
  17. Keep us posted and good luck. Looking forward to that post which finally says you have the money from the theiving bar-stewards
  18. If it is true, then available rental stock will increase which will help stagnate / possibly even reduce rental prices. On the back of the GDP figures, an increase in interest rates is looking more and more likely. I can see a large number of "reluctant landlords" struggling to break even in the very near future.
  19. If it wasnt for immigration and births to immigrants then the UK population WOULD be in decline
  20. Not really. Having another numpty at labours economic helm just makes them look even more incompetent
  21. Clearly shows that labour purely say the opposite of what the tories regardless of right or wrong. I cant believe people actually vote for such a party
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