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  1. Media is getting hysterical so my criteria is close to being met for a very good buying opportunity. VIX has finally spiked too.
  2. Fed day was far too orderly. Same goes for the regulation Greek drama. A good tell would be market panic as the top BBC news story. I wouldn't mind a 1929 chart or Hindenburg omen well placed in the trading blogs too. However I agree this has been a reasonable dip to date, just a bit more drama and I'm in.
  3. The Fed is meeting so Wednesday evening perhaps. Ideally confirmed by even more media hysteria over Greece.
  4. Well said. Immigration is a tool that has been used for many years by the rich to suppress wages enabling them to make higher profits. Conveniently the media which is owned by the rich then blames the immigrants for all the country's problems. Meanwhile the rich are laughing all the way to the bank, as usual. Divide and rule. I agree. The corporate pro-EU propaganda and manipulation of public opinion has already started. Apparently every multi-national will pull out of the UK overnight if we don't vote to stay in. Contrast with the media's total silence over TTIP, which has bypassed the thin facade of democracy and it being rubber stamped by politicians for their corporate masters.
  5. This July budget is urgently required as the last government made such a mess of everything. Oh, wait a minute. Omnishambles part 2 beckons.
  6. Even if you have a high tolerance for losses I agree with RK that you should consider a bear market indicator to get you out of the market. If you haven't faced big losses before there is the risk that 'they' will "scare you out or wear you out". If you have faced them down before then you should be fine of course.
  7. A constructive suggestion: I note that your downside is not so clearly defined as your 3% upside. I'd be inclined to add a defined rule on the downside to protect from bigger losses. So far you've done well and not needed to take a loss. This is the time to think about it!
  8. The Tories demonstrated their capacity for infighting over Europe under Major. This has not gone away, its the reason Cameron promised a referendum. They are going to self destruct over this again. Their only hope is that Labour makes another poor choice of leader.
  9. The Tories should be slightly worried by this result. With a popular leader and the benefit of incumbency they managed 331 seats. By comparison Blair managed nearly 100 seats more in his second election in 2001. They have not managed a decent working majority since 1987 with Thatcher. Cameron couldn't even match Major's majority The only positive factors they have are the boundary review and Labour's poor selection of leaders. If Labour elects a white Anglo Saxon protestant the Tories are screwed. Major's bastards are already lining up and the Tories will destroy themselves over the EU referendum. As Cameron will not serve a third term, someone like Boris Johnson leading in 2020 would be the final nail in the Tory coffin. This was only a good result against existing expectations. The tail will soon wag the dog.
  10. Obviously its not. I'll spell it out for you (no pun intended). If these Etonians are cretins and they are running the country, there will be significant consequences on the usefulness of policy.
  11. Yes they are, unless you think Etonian retards running the country is a good idea.
  12. Yes it is a choice, I don't see why its so hard to grasp. Your taxes are also bring spent subsidising corporations that don't pay their way.
  13. If we are looking for a collapse in the REAL economy then we already have one much closer to home in the southern Eurozone. I think this is more likely to be the big story this year than Russia, which IMO was last year's story. The massive ruble depreciation makes exports cheaper so a lot rides on Russia's ability to both diversify away from oil (something it hasn't managed yet) and also develop import substitution. The oil price will also recover once marginal producers are eliminated. These options are not even possible for Greece in the Eurozone. Just more crushing austerity from the bankers. This is just the start of the end for the Euro project. Only a core will survive.
  14. As I said, who put Saddam in power? The CIA, who therefore are directly responsible for his actions. As the many other dictators they support e.g. Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait. Maybe you support them too as the Yanks are silent on their crimes.
  15. Are you serious? The civil war was a direct result of the US invasion. There was no civil war before 2003. Have you been asleep for the past decade? Saddam was installed by the CIA. When he stepped out of line over Kuwait they got rid of him. The US is the world's leading supporter of terrorist states and dictators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait etc who created ISIS and are recipients of vast amounts of US weapons.
  16. On your last point, I'm not sure if its still the case but there used to be a thriving trade exporting old cars to Eastern Europe. I suspect the rise in the economic life of cars is linked to the massive drop in real wages reducing this living standards abitrage as well as improvements in reliability.
  17. I use this approach too. It helps if you are not a badge snob (as German cars have lower depreciation sue to sheeple demand). Personally I hate German cars, probably because I don't want to be one of the herd and would much rather run, say, a Ford or Toyota (better reliability). According to the annual British Car Auctions market report, the average car now lasts 14 years - cars are much more reliable than they used to be.
  18. I notice you don't mention the 1 million killed in Iraq by your Yank paymasters. Russia lead the opposition to the 2003 war at the UN in the face of the liar Colin Powell and his 45 minute nonsense.
  19. The US prefers a CIA coup to invasion. Chile, Iran, Ukraine. Same trick in Chile and Ukraine, both against democratic systems.
  20. 3 US elections, corrupt 2 party system resulting in fascist Obummer bombing his way round the world whilst kissing Saudi terrorist ass. I'm sure the US voters all support that policy.
  21. OK history expert, which country installed the following dictators in power: Saddam Hussein, Suharto, Pinochet. Hint, the same country also supports the world leading terrorist regime in Saudi Arabia.
  22. Much better to be best friends with Saudi Arabia terrorists and dictators like your boss Obummer.
  23. Great minds? (I've just posted a Fred Harrison link from the same article on the main board) People seem to have forgotten it's a cycle because that suggests the bottom is already in. Not a popular message there, of course.
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