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  1. It looks like it was on for £2.3 mil back in March 2017 so not much of a price drop. Search for 'dub lane developments' in our favourite search engine to find the old TR / OK brochure.
  2. How about a drop of over 50% in BT9 ? Down today to £249,950 from £525,000 Rateable value £320,000 In fairness it's been on since March 2008 - which was the date that propertybee started for propertynews if I remember correctly - so it may have been on for longer than that. How time flies... http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/TRLTRL49737/22-Malone-View-Road/208785072/
  3. Still not sure what happened here - in my last post I thought it looked like a repo but now 2 months later the prices have dropped again. Anyone more knowledgeable than me have any ideas ? Could the purchaser have pulled out ? Or survey shown it to be too expensive ? on another note - just noticed that the Iceberg in BT9 has had a 10% drop too :- http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/ECSECS23723/Knightsbridge-Park/142049954/ Was originally on at £550k now down to *only* £495k
  4. Another update from propertynews today - one now down to £325,000 and the other to £309,950
  5. Just noticed an update through property news. Offer on 20A for £370k - sounds like it's a repo... http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?p=ECSECS22824 NOTICE OF OFFER Property address : 20a Piney Hills, BELFAST, County Antrim, BT9 5NR, Northern Ireland We would advise that an offer has been made for the above property in the sum of £370,000. Any person wishing to increase on this offer should notify the selling agents of their best offer prior to exchange of contracts.
  6. I live near this area and have driven past this 'site' - have you seen it ? To me it looks like it's the corner of the garden of an existing semi ! I presume it won't involve knocking down one half of an existing semi so I have no idea how they propose to put 2 more semis on the site. I don't know how they got planning granted but then I'm not a developer...it's also been on for about a year so a cheeky offer could work.
  7. Not sure about residential but I know for our work (Belfast City centre) we had to get a brand new SDSL line installed separate from our other voice and ADSL lines. SDSL uses both channels (or something like that) of the line so you won't get any voice calls over the same line - unlike ADSL. You'd probably then end up with a cable box, normal BT phoneline that supports ADSL, and a separate SDSL line - not sure if you can then cancel the normal bt phoneline or not... Personally we went with creative as per the link you mentioned previously. BT engineers installed the line but we paid all fees to Creative. I'd recommend them - very good service - and I don't work for them before someone accuses me ;-)
  8. Just to give a flip side to talksalot - I've been with Virgin for over 2 yrs now in S Belfast and they've been good apart from 1 or 2 hiccups that have been fixed quickly. They've also done the 'free' upgrade from 4Mb to 10Mb and I get full whack most of the time. I haven't noticed much speed throttling yet and the connection is good enough to help my score on COD4
  9. House went on sale last March at 375k. Offered 325k for it and told it was far too low by agent. Consequently 'sold' for 375k asking price to 3 different buyers before falling through each time. Got an apologetic sounding call from agent after last sale fell through to enquire if I was interested (around June 07) and I politely told them I still thought it was only worth 325k. Was rented out at £650 a month instead to 'let market conditions sort themselves out'. They must be kicking themselves now... So so glad I didn't lose my nerve and go for it then in light of the last 8 months... I'm in NI by the way...
  10. I sense a conspiracy theory coming on - are the rates agency secretly increasing the values while the page is down so that prices don't have as far to 'correct' ? I'll be keeping an eye on this website to see when or if it comes back online...
  11. Hi All, Has anybody else been experiencing problems with the rates valuation website for NI ? I've been trying the usual link with no success :- http://www.lpsni.gov.uk/index/rating/valua..._value_list.htm Recently when I click on the link "Domestic Capital Value List (opens in new window)" nothing happens apart from the page reloading. I've tried this in both firefox and IE7 on XP Pro and was wondering if it was just me or if there is a conspiracy going on ?? I agree with some of the posted opinions here that property may fall to rates valuation + 10% approximately and like checking the current asking prices on PN to see how close they are getting. Sadly not close enough at the minute ;-) Cheers.
  12. Only logging back in today - I try to stay away from this website as it's like a drug To answer your question, yes I was planning on trading up regardless of the hpc due to changing circumstances ie. getting married ! I'm watching TDGTTS like a hawk at the minute... I'll keep lurking and will let you all know how I get on. I'm hoping to be able to negotiate decent discounts off asking prices and hence am more than happy to price my house realistically. Is anybody else in this situation ?
  13. Long time lurker who posts once in a blue moon. Apologies if this is going over old ground and arguments but I seem to remember some people mentioning that in big property crashes and recessions when money is real tight that people can't afford rents - especially if they are heading up. People will cut corners and economise in any way they can - they end up moving back to the parents or not leaving in the first place or renting a room as a lodger. I presume this means that rents will not in fact rise (much) as the crash continues ? Just to state my VI - i'm currently an OO but looking to sell up and buy bigger in the next year so am hoping that I can negotiate a good price difference between the prices - anybody care to wish me luck ??
  14. Hi All, Long time lurker but this is my first post in response to the Stranmillis area. I've been looking at this area for a long time and have long thought that prices are bonkers - even more so than the rest of NI although I do like the carpet Prices round here seem very sticky at the mo (ie. not many falls - yet) but properties really don't seem to be moving fast and I suspect some are being taken off the market - my usual search brought up 65 houses last week but is now down to 57 this week. Not very much moving to sale agreed anyway and some that went sale agreed in the summer coming back on again - same as the story in the rest of the country. Anyway - to the peeps who are wondering about house price falls in this area - I've seen a few over the last few months - here's one that fell by 20k last week :- http://www.templetonrobinson.co.uk/brochur...mp;c=54&r=1 I'm not sure how to find the 'old' price but it was definitely 375k - for a 3 bed semi - can anybody help me find the old price ? It has actually gone sale agreed twice in the 6 months it's been on but has fallen through twice now. I'm not sure who has put on the big offers mentioned by smell the fear but if it's anything like others round here, they'll probably fall through too...here's one house that has had an 'offer' of 5k over asking for as long as I can remember - it could be a year now :- http://www.templetonrobinson.co.uk/brochur...mp;c=54&r=1 Laters.
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