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  1. Just posted this on another topic, then spotted this one. Anyone able to comment on or advise?
  2. Just out of curiosity, has anyone on here compared inflation data from the 70’s and 80’s against what were are experiencing now, in terms of food and everyday goods (minus new computers, TVs, ipods and the like)? Or does anyone know where that kind of information can be found?
  3. That’s your opinion, some may disagree…
  4. First post for a while, but thought this might be of interest to you all. In 1999/2000, I was a postman in Edinburgh on an average wage of £12.5k pa (excluding bonuses and all the other extras). Working on a maximum of three time’s annual salary I should have been able to borrow £37.5k. Now if I had bought that flat in Gorgie at £42k, I would have needed a deposit of roughly 12% (£4.5k). Fast forward to 2009, having ditched the Postie job and returned to university to rack up a mountain of debt, I’m now a Civil Engineer on around £28k pa (minus bonuses). So, if I were to buy the second flat mentioned at £125k on the same multiplier, then I would need a deposit of around 50% (41k). I’ll leave you to your own conclusions.
  5. I've read most of the replies on here, but so far (from what i can see anyway) no-one has mentioned anything about the the BOE rate-setting in the morning. If the government is planning on paying all this intrest money to the banks, surely they will want the lowest rate going (ie to save/maximise the public/borrowed cash?). I may be off on a tangent here, but do we think that it will force the BOE to lower the base rate as much as possible to help their cause? As i say, could be way off on this one.
  6. Don’t know if anyone else has picked this up. The article seems to suggest (to me anyway) that she bought her first house for £72.5k in 1992 at the age of 21, but from what I can work out she only seemed to make £9.5k a year working for a magazine! Maybe she is used to 7x multipliers, hence the reason she doesn’t think there are any problems with other people doing the same! Although I suspect that the parents would have given her a big deposit. No mention of one though.
  7. You might want to check my maths here but I make that an 8.3% rise in value over the 4 years (assuming they sell it for £230000), so about 2.1% a year. That's not a great return by any standard.
  8. Here you are: http://www.djalexander.co.uk/property-detail/?id=20 Flat 1/1, with the big corner bay window.
  9. That’s very interesting this talk of DJ Alexander and ‘Heritors’. You might be interested in this then. Some friends of mine were/are currently renting a very nice flat through DJ Alexander in the west end of Glasgow. I was sure he said the flat was owned by a company called Heritage 2, which I assume is the same company as discussed here and I’ve just picked the name up wrong. Anyway, a month or so ago, he got a call from the rental agency and was told that ‘the company had decided to sell all their properties and their flat would be put on the market’, oh and also ‘we’re putting your rent up 10%’. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy. So they decided to move out into a smaller place to cut back on costs so they could save more money. I spoke to him last week and he said that the flat had been on the market over two weeks but there had been no viewings. I was amazed at the number of DJ Alexander ‘For Sale’ signs that were up around the other streets beside his flat. Surely ‘Heritors’ can’t be doing themselves any favours by putting them all on at once!
  10. stuart_cockburn


    I’ve been keeping an eye on the number of houses posted on the GPSC website for the last few months to see if there was any increase in the number on the market since the credit crunch. Last week there was over 8000 posted, however when I checked today there were only 3500 (approx.). Now, I don’t think that over 4000 houses were taken off the market within a few days of each other. So I’ll leave it open as to what has happened, any comments welcomed.
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