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  1. I know unlimited growth is unsustainable. Rationing of the earth's resources through taxation and legislation is ongoing, and will be expanded. The rich will not give up their fleet of sports cars, yachts and private jets. They as individuals use as much CO2 as hundreds of the worlds poor combined, whilst often portraying themselves as green saviours. The plan is to pass the rationing onto the poor, making them use less to save the planet. My point is that those at the bottom who struggle to feed their families under the current system will starve under the new one.
  2. Pol Pot politics. De industrialisation and mass starvation. 2-4 Billion exterminated. You will own nothing and be happy, or dead and no longer forced to smile. They will own everything and tell you it's not enough.
  3. Iran desperately wants to become a nuclear power, is anyone crazy enough to assist them? Israel certainly wont be happy with closer ties from any direction. Afghanistan is ferociously independent, it has been fought over so many times that the population have this engrained in their culture. As for China and Russia, they have both moved on from Communism (attacking their own people) to fascism (attacking people they regard as different). Any alliance will not last.
  4. China will struggle to get Iran and Afghanistan to work together. Iran is Shia Islam, and Afghanistan Sunni Islam, they just can't seem to get on with each other. Iran has been in the West's bad books since the Shah was removed in 1979, and Afghanistan was trained in guerilla warfare by Uncle Sam and financed with oil money from the Sunni Arabs. This backfired when Western flags arrived on their soil after the collapse of the CCCP. China will have to use their combined hatred of the U.S.A to unite the two, but getting two nations that disagree about who should have taken over fr
  5. Replacing the old Western masters with new Eastern masters, getting social revolutionaries to champion this cause is genius. The Chinese making the shackles and the new empowered slaves joyfully putting them on. The new oppressed will then waste their lives trying to remove their glorious bondage, all it needs is enough useful idiots.
  6. In the virtual world they are Eco-warriors. In the real world they are full of s***. 200w.webp
  7. The Turks are currently flooding Royal Mail with counterfeit stamps. See attachments of what to lookout for.
  8. There is only equality or supremacy, and people appear to no longer want equal rights, they all demand special treatment. It doesn't matter if it's skin colour, religion or gender. They all say they are special, and should get more than the less special. Jobs, benefits and social status are awarded to the right groups and are often denied the wrong groups. Everyone is trying to be the group that gets the highest rewards. Too many supremacists groups are out there all fighting for more power. None of them can see themselves for what they really are. They believe that their fight fo
  9. Indian government to introduce a law banning bitcoin "In mid-2019, an Indian government panel recommended banning all private cryptocurrencies, with a jail term of up to 10 years and heavy fines for anyone dealing in digital currencies." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-cryptocurrency-lawmaking/india-proposes-law-to-ban-cryptocurrencies-create-official-digital-currency-idUSKBN29Z0EX
  10. EU nationals in UK, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-uk-leaves-the-eu-36745584 Vaccine blockade, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55860540
  11. There are over 2 Million EU nationals living in the UK, the EU say they will withhold 3.5 Million doses of vaccine. I guess they will now have to travel back the Continent to get the jab. The EU really dislike their own people. We could ask individual EU member states if they would forgo this inconvenience, and see where it leads.
  12. As I understand it the vaccine needs to be refrigerated. We also have an issue with fish and meat products exported to the EU being refused. Perhaps sending vaccine over a little at a time with the fish/meat exports would be a good idea. If they will not let the goods in we return it. Think like a jobs worth EU bureaucrat?
  13. Somewhere between 11 and 22 Million Hispanics on there way. The black population fear they will take jobs away from them, working harder for less pay? BLM ✊🏿 This could work as long as the President can keep up the $2000.00 a month payments. Inflation looks baked into the dollar now. When the US Fed raises interest rates the rest of the world will surely follow. I hope the Islington Elite have long term fixed mortgages.
  14. It appears that the USA has copied Baghdad's GREEN ZONE. A Part of Washington D.C is now a military compound with thousands of troops stationed inside. The BLUE ZONE? Just like Baghdad ordinary citizens are restricted from entry.
  15. Joe doesn't needs to worry about the Right, it's the can do no wrong groups. Now empowered.
  16. The way I see the situation is this. The Earth's population is approaching 8 Billion but the Earth is a finite resource. We have reached a point where the Earth is like a dog with too many fleas, with the Earth in danger of dying. The only way seen by the elites to correct the imbalance is to greatly reduce the population, or greatly reduce consumption. The elites have set a plan in motion that keeps their power and wealth intact. They need a dictatorship, but one in which they keep power and are not killed off. Fascism would be their first choice, but this would be
  17. The Empire Windrush sank off the North coast of Africa in 1952. Perhaps we should look at compensation for the Titanic generation. The criteria would be strict, a claimant does not need to have travelled on the boat or even to have be born when it sunk. $$$. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We live in a country were they give cash away but toilet paper is rationed. 😎
  18. Self certification, the Government was giving away tax payers money. The banks were laundering issuing the cash, but weren't liable if any fraud took place. Who would ever tell a lie in our modern Utopia?
  19. It appears the large Dutch fishing boats could upset the French, 200 Tons a day. It takes 4 small French boats a year to do the same. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/12/12/france-gears-war-european-neighbours-locked-british-waters-no/ France gears up for war with European neighbours if locked out of British waters by no deal Brexit Dutch and German trawlers are thought to be eyeing up French waters already “They practice what I would call a scorched-earth policy: when there is nothing left, they look elsewhere. We saw it with electric fishing.
  20. Macron’s best bet is the real nuclear option A French-led energy embargo is particularly mad given France stands to benefit massively from upgrades to the UK’s nuclear plants https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/12/13/macrons-best-bet-real-nuclear-option/ It would be a terrible shame a power outage in the UK were to knock out the internet from the U.S.A to the continent. Those relays can trip out you know, very sensitive.😉
  21. I'm sure that if people living here illegally were encouraged to relocate, then we could fit the Hong Kongers in.
  22. Just need to put in roads, drainage/sewerage, electrical transmission lines, mobile phone masts and internet. Then build a lovely new housing estate.
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