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  1. They should stay with the open mined and generous population of our great capital city, London. With certain containment measures put in place.
  2. Who wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that?
  3. I was wondering if the food banks will be able to keep up with demand for food. If everyone stockpiles food does this mean a very large reduction in food donations? With so many now relying the food banks, will we soon see people going hungry, and could this led to social unrest?
  4. Firstly lower interest rate so that people can buy more goods. Now they lower rates to buy goods that will not be produced. They can not print car parts or tins of baked beans. FAIL.
  5. Folks, DON'T BUY hydrogen peroxide. It is a key ingredient in TATP. This was the home made explosive used in the Manchester Arena bombing. The cops will be busy knocking on all your doors. JUST DON'T!
  6. I use DURU Turkish Lemon Cologne, 80% alcohol. Fill an old hip flask with the stuff. I can then use a hankie as a non-deadly weapon.
  7. Phenol is also in coal tar and carbolic soap. Perhaps we should stock up? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbolic_soap
  8. This appears to be the current state of play. Out of 300 people. 66% (200) will contract nCov19. 80% milder symptoms (160), 20% needing hospital treatment (40) Out of those (40), 20% (8) will die, but this is only when there are respirators available. This gives a death rate of 2.66% from the original 300 total. With no proper medical facilities the death rate could go as high as 13.33%, with all 40 who require respirators dying. Not good folks.
  9. https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/02/20/fecal-transmission-may-be-behind-coronavirus-rapid-spread.html
  10. I can for-see a problem ahead. Self isolation will not work, and could in fact make things worse. People will stay at home and order in shopping. The delivery drivers will get infected, they will also pass on the virus via the devices the delivery people use to sign for items. Infection could jump quickly from one area to another via a contaminated mobile device. The drivers become super spreaders. The delivery people can not avoid close contact and will have no washing/decontamination facilities. Isolation lite will literally not wash.
  11. No someone will put a bloody great generator into the back of an old van. Drive to the vehicle with no power, charge it up from the generator. Present the owner with a nice little bill.
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