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  1. Lord D'arcy Pew

    Israel vs Iran edging towards war

    Sorry definitely them. Better public relations to finance Sunni mercenaries freedom fighters to take control of the rivers. They currently do burn oil to extract fresh water from the sea, the released CO2 in very bad for the planet. War is regarded is carbon neutral. Only need to push the right buttons to get the media on message.
  2. Lord D'arcy Pew

    Israel vs Iran edging towards war

    Not very bright I expect!
  3. Lord D'arcy Pew

    Israel vs Iran edging towards war

    Islamic sectriansium. The West backs Arab Sunni's , the Russian's backs Persian Shia's. One massive war has been ongoing from Turkey to Yemen. Oil for water, Tigris-Euphrates (Iraq) and the Jordan river (Syria) Israel would die without access to the river Jordan. Saudi Arabia will die if their oil becomes too cheap, they have no rivers. The Arabs have to sell oil to the West, the Persians are blocked from selling oil to the West. https://www.revealnews.org/blog/what-comes-after-the-big-short-going-long-on-water/
  4. The digital concentration camp. You are a product to be processed with as much wealth extracted as possible. A commodity to the new master race.
  5. It goes well beyond this, check out this link to device fingerprinting below. https://clearcode.cc/blog/device-fingerprinting/ Check to see how much information you leak. https://www.doileak.com/
  6. Lord D'arcy Pew

    Sudden stratospheric warming lengthy cold snap to UK

    Heads up ladies and Gentlemen. The cold area that has been causing massive snow falls on the continent is moving in our direction. Met Office have an alert for very cold weather in February, reserve troops are on standby. Conditions and timing of event similar to 1947. https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2017/01/26/winter-1947-brought-a-freeze-to-post-war-britain/
  7. Lord D'arcy Pew

    FT - incredible prediction

    Very possible in my opinion.
  8. By the time this thread unravels I expect the Wilson's will have lost their Shirts.
  9. Lord D'arcy Pew

    400% Council Tax Hike Proposed

    I know of three. One is probate, owner died and still no relatives found to pass it onto. The other two are both living in Spain on disability benefits, and have left their old homes to rot. I would send out letters, get the property occupied within the next 6 months or it will be compulsory purchased for £1 by local council.
  10. Lord D'arcy Pew

    London housing money laundering caught

    Plenty of this to be found by those that look. We have had record high house prices because we have not looked. The economic dreams of the past will be the nightmare of the future.
  11. Lord D'arcy Pew

    Do they know it's Christmas?

    The old pagan festival the celebrates the passing of the shortest day is still going as stronger than ever. Greed and gluttony the new idols of the Christian faith, an instant win for the money lenders. Christ would weep.
  12. We should just pull the plug on the Trans Atlantic internet cables come 29th March. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook , Google all now only available at dial up speeds. Then ask the EU if they would like to make a deal! https://www.submarinecablemap.com/
  13. Lord D'arcy Pew

    Yellow Vest Protests

    Our plucky boys in blue wouldn't stand for any of this continental behaviour. We would just raid a Cafe' in Brixton.
  14. So are triffids when used to make margarine.
  15. Triffids are just zombies for vegans, they also make a better cooking oil.

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