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  1. If the West does not control inflation, the developing world will descend into chaos. Food and fuel inflation will ignite mass civil unrest. Supply chains will be further weakened and drive up assets prices even more. The big players will invest in these rising commodities driving prices up yet again. Killing them in Chad to save them in Chelsea. They would have to be sadistic b******* not to raise interest rates.
  2. Funny enough it was originally Taco Bell, they altered the movie for Europe. No one knew who Taco Bell was at the time. The U.S version is still Taco Bell. This is a case of the past pretending to be the future effecting the present.
  3. Inflation will be global. The West will print like crazy and hand it out to their own populations, whilst trying not to default upon their own debts. This will fuel asset price inflation everywhere, especially food inflation. See Haiti and Cuba, an Arab spring X100. The next chapter in this sorry tale will be starvation and collapse in many 3rd world countries. The selfish hypocrites will kill millions to keep hold of their low cost mortgages. I expect global warming will get the blame.
  4. "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy about it." Smile or you get a bullet, only smiling people left.
  5. I know unlimited growth is unsustainable. Rationing of the earth's resources through taxation and legislation is ongoing, and will be expanded. The rich will not give up their fleet of sports cars, yachts and private jets. They as individuals use as much CO2 as hundreds of the worlds poor combined, whilst often portraying themselves as green saviours. The plan is to pass the rationing onto the poor, making them use less to save the planet. My point is that those at the bottom who struggle to feed their families under the current system will starve under the new one.
  6. Pol Pot politics. De industrialisation and mass starvation. 2-4 Billion exterminated. You will own nothing and be happy, or dead and no longer forced to smile. They will own everything and tell you it's not enough.
  7. Iran desperately wants to become a nuclear power, is anyone crazy enough to assist them? Israel certainly wont be happy with closer ties from any direction. Afghanistan is ferociously independent, it has been fought over so many times that the population have this engrained in their culture. As for China and Russia, they have both moved on from Communism (attacking their own people) to fascism (attacking people they regard as different). Any alliance will not last.
  8. China will struggle to get Iran and Afghanistan to work together. Iran is Shia Islam, and Afghanistan Sunni Islam, they just can't seem to get on with each other. Iran has been in the West's bad books since the Shah was removed in 1979, and Afghanistan was trained in guerilla warfare by Uncle Sam and financed with oil money from the Sunni Arabs. This backfired when Western flags arrived on their soil after the collapse of the CCCP. China will have to use their combined hatred of the U.S.A to unite the two, but getting two nations that disagree about who should have taken over from the Prophet Muhammad will be tricky. Maybe China's Uighur internment camps will need expanding?
  9. Replacing the old Western masters with new Eastern masters, getting social revolutionaries to champion this cause is genius. The Chinese making the shackles and the new empowered slaves joyfully putting them on. The new oppressed will then waste their lives trying to remove their glorious bondage, all it needs is enough useful idiots.
  10. In the virtual world they are Eco-warriors. In the real world they are full of s***. 200w.webp
  11. The Turks are currently flooding Royal Mail with counterfeit stamps. See attachments of what to lookout for.
  12. There is only equality or supremacy, and people appear to no longer want equal rights, they all demand special treatment. It doesn't matter if it's skin colour, religion or gender. They all say they are special, and should get more than the less special. Jobs, benefits and social status are awarded to the right groups and are often denied the wrong groups. Everyone is trying to be the group that gets the highest rewards. Too many supremacists groups are out there all fighting for more power. None of them can see themselves for what they really are. They believe that their fight for superiority is morally right, and denounce all others. Equally good, supremacy bad. Democracies must live by this or die in chaos.
  13. Indian government to introduce a law banning bitcoin "In mid-2019, an Indian government panel recommended banning all private cryptocurrencies, with a jail term of up to 10 years and heavy fines for anyone dealing in digital currencies." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-cryptocurrency-lawmaking/india-proposes-law-to-ban-cryptocurrencies-create-official-digital-currency-idUSKBN29Z0EX
  14. EU nationals in UK, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-uk-leaves-the-eu-36745584 Vaccine blockade, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55860540
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