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  1. FP, a cliche I know but luck is for wimps, if you've done your prep you will really enjoy it, the time will go like a rocket, I have done it, it is not as scary as you think. Can you mention about the government giving in to the civil service and retiring at 65!! This is a massive scandal, the cost is frightening. I believe also MP's have also given themselves some pretty tasty pension benefits. Will be watching on Monday - have fun.
  2. Dear Channel 4 News, Firstly, let me congratulate you on the best news programme by far on the TV and indeed on most nights the best show full stop. However, after watching your show tonight I was dismayed at the reporting of the latest RICS surveyor report 'verbatim' which was very biased and one sided, you reported it largely as factual, when the main thrust of the report was opinion on likely future house price rises. I am sure the RICS press release contained mountains of spin, but it really is the job of responsible journalists to critically question what lands on their desk, especially
  3. It is sad to see this great news show repeat the RICS survey verbatim and imply the likely increase in house prices is a certainty beacuse RICS says so. What a load of pants. I am so angry I am going to fire off an email to them now.
  4. Trevor Werewolf, spot on post. We have a real problem and 'the i'm alright jack' attitude prevails. You may hear politicians talking about trying to address these fundamental issues, however, the reality is people only really care about themselves, perhaps immediate family, to a lesser extent friends and everyone else doesn't feature on the radar once the front door is closed. We are a selfish society and i'll be b***gered if i am going to support this insane system. There is no doubt in my mind the property haves & have nots is the biggest problem by far, which is ridiculous in the extrem
  5. It was Three Counties Radio and it was Big George's main news piece.
  6. Heard on the radio this morning a potentially big scandal where a property investor has bought up a whole development of affordable housing, if it is true this could be dynamite. Should be picked up by the local press and I will update the forum as the story develops.
  7. If I had the time I would look into the board of directors of housebuilders, lenders and MP's because you can bet your ass there is some collusion at some level. Isn't it amazing that yet again the government pushes out the crap about shortage of houses. No one ever mentions that it is to do with the ridiculous planning restrictions imposed by the council, so they get big backhanders from developers to get planning permission, or the isane level of lending that has been doled out to SPECULATE on housing. You are not allowed to borrow money to buy shares, so why can you do it for housing - ut
  8. TheChuz, looked at spreadbetting on HPC myself in great detail, however when I saw it was linked to Halifax index knew it would have a massive lag to the real story. Housebuilders & Countrylied finally getting a pasting today - hopefully investors are starting to wake to reality.
  9. There is a vast load of VI bull about affordability which needs to be disproved once and for all. A useful calculation would be to look at an average house, say 3-4 bed type barratt home and compare the cost of buying this house say 30 years ago (100% mortgage) , and take account of all the interest & capital payments & sale price now, effects of inflation and look at the net real profit today if it is sold. Then compare this to someone buying the same house today, factor in an assumed interest rate, inflation rate, HPI rate and look at the possible profit in 30 years time. I am sure s
  10. Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted but I have been reading HPC every day to support the cause, which seems to be getting stronger day by day. However, I am beginning to think the risks to society as a whole of a crash are so huge, everything will be done to prevent it. I know all the arguments about supply & demand etc and the market always finds fair value at some point, but this really is the whopper of whoppers. With retail sales faltering I am pretty sure there will be a cut in rates before xmas to get things going, this will not be good for property prices falling, because
  11. First class, gave me a big laugh this morning. That would be great to produce as a spoof song, wouldn't be long before the media picked it up. Great lyrics.
  12. Just reading some figures on mortgage lending for 2004. Some disturbing facts Only 45% of the lending total (some £ 292 billion) was for house purchase!!! This is the lowest amount since records began!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to understand what the f*** people are thinking. Total wealth generated is around £1000 billion. The boring beaver (Mr Brown) takes £400 billion. So a quick calculation shows that the £160 billion that was spent elsewhere and secured against property accounts for a whopping 27% of our discretionary spending (wealth after tax, £600 billion, which we have no
  13. Excellent comments/views thanks. I think the late 90's and 00's will be described in the fullness of time as the 'I'm alright Jack but can't understand what happened to MY little Johnny' period. This country really is a sewer of no social values, poor education/upbringing, massive overcrowding, shiny german cars, growing obesity and sadly no leadership from any quarter. It is a vacuum of sanity. The housing obsession is our daily reminder of how ridiculous things have become. Is the current state of affairs really making people happy, or did I miss this lesson in life at school?
  14. The financial state of the biggest home backer in the US is looking dodgier by the minute. Does this trickle of irregularities remind you of something? Boo.com etc springs to mind. Of course the US government isn't going to let FM go tits up, but it is another headache in the increasingly murky workings of the US economy. I would also suggest if this can happen in the US, it can certainly happen here. There is very little room for manoeuvre now in the housing market, the game of pass the parcel is going to start getting a bit scary. The sad truth is that as a country we have lost the will t
  15. The Halifax figures are actually good news. We all know they are bull, some of the actual quarter falls are huge. If they had reported a big drop that would increase pressure for a reduction in interest rates. The B of E aren't stupid so they probably can see through the Halifax spin, but it will reduce media pressure for a cut in rates. All the while house prices are falling and will continue to do so.
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