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  1. Do shares held within SIPPS also have to be held in a nominee account? DP
  2. Ive just asked a major on-line broker what exchange rate they use for buying foreign stocks etc. They just use high street exchange rates. I would have thought with the volumes they deal with they could offer better than that.
  3. Another alternative is a foreign currency ETF such as Swiss Francs (FXF) or Japanese Yen (FXY) http://www.currencyshares.com/ The interest rate on the Swiss franc ETF is currently 2.03. There is a 0.4% management fee that is deducted from the interest. The effective interest rate of 1.63% seems quite favourable compared to the 1.75% for Swiss Francs in a Barclays foreign currency savings account and there is no minimum investment of £2,000. The bid/ask spread is about 0.05%. I think the only other cost would be the exchange rate for £ to $ when buying and selling the fund. I'm not sure how much this is when purchasing through an online stockbroker.
  4. Can you say where you got your application form notarised? The traditional suspects, such as doctors, bank managers dont seem to do it any more. Is there any alternative to paying the £60 for a public notary? Cheers,
  5. Im thinking of investing in a Perth mint silver certificate, which Peter Schiff has recommended in the past. Any info on how much the storage costs are or how straightforward it is to buy and sell themwould be most welcome. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the tips. If I go for a fund I would be tempted to opt for the China ETF to mimimise the charges (0.99%) http://www.ishares.com.hk/ishareshk-cgi-bin/msci_display.pl
  7. Yes you are right Bobsta. I added the picture as a personal photo. As you say it seemed the most obvious setting. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Avatar settings. The avatar was added to my posts almost immediately.
  8. Ive uploaded an Avatar but it doesnt appear when I post a message or reply. Any suggestions please? DP
  9. Jim Rogers recently recommended investing in the renminbi, but it wasnt clear to me whether he was recommending holding the currency or just chinese stocks. http://www.bloomberg.com/avp/avp.htm?clipS...jUSJ.lwS8e0.asf Can any Jim Rogers disciples out there clarify for me? Thanks, Dic
  10. Jim Rogers recently recommended investing in Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen and Chinese Renminbi. Does anyone know if its possible to have a currency savings account in renminbi Thanks, Dic
  11. I've been thinking about transfering some savings out of sterling, to Swiss francs and Japaneses Yen. I'm trying to work out how far sterling would have to fall against a given currency before for the switch becomes worthwhile taking into account the spread on buying/selling the currency and the difference in interest rates for the 2 currencies. Cgnao has recommended xetrade.com for currency transactions, but I dont have any information on the buy/sell spreads they quote. Have you done these calculations for the Euro or Yen? Thanks Dic
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