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  1. Do you mean AVIVA employees.... or DL / Churchill ? and why do you think this ?
  2. Just reading on Bloomberg that Citigroup are now having to write down a further 4th 1/4 $16 billion writedown and in addition larger losses than anticipated - Sorry havent posted much and cannot quite work the link thing !!!
  3. Hiya, I both live and work in Norwich. Sold my house in NR1 in August 07 and completed in October 07. Currently live with partner in 3 bed semi looking to trade up to 4 bed in Old Costessey, I agree - somewhere with lots of "sin" cupboards would be great!! Just waiting.......... Ps.... what do people think for Norwich? I understand that new builds/flats will take a big hit, but what about the 400k houses that are around ?
  4. I also live in Norwich and with the NU now having another restructure and shovelling higher wage earners out the door, it could definately be interesting times ahead for Norwich in particular. I managed to complete on my house in October this year (phhheewww!!!) and have been watching several houses £300k + since about February in the Old Costessey area of Norwich and they have not dropped their prices a single penny. Seems many reluctant sellers at present still dreaming of the figure that they thought they were worth - be interesting now this is in the local rag if any of these start to shift downwards.
  5. Just had my normal evening look on rightmove to keep an eye on what's new on the market and if anything is dropping round my area. Enter your details on the front screen (type of property etc) and a little window pops up telling you the details of some common phrases used, STC etc. Seems the underlying message is, just because it looks sold doesn't mean it is or will complete - so go on..... ring us.... please.......!! Or have I read it wrong (ps..... wasn't there yesterday!!!)
  6. I agree they should give them (NU) a hard time!! Incidentally, I mentioned the lady at work buying a new build, she asked the agent for a reduction in the price after all the market had slowed, she was told "no, we could put it back on the market for £10,000 more and sell it", they were having an open weekend today and I called for her to find out what great offers were available as the company were pushing "great incentives if you buy this weekend" - you guessed..... £2,000 towards moving, stamp duty paid and legal fees paid. Thats it, i'm off to buy one !!!!!
  7. You are not wrong!!! we had a builder round yesterday, who to cut a long story short is building detached 4 bed, offerred it to us start of year for £300k, has since had it valued by local estate agent numpty for £375,000. Just refused a cash offer on it for £330k (greedy so and so ) I try to keep my opinions to myself because I am fed up with people saying that I am a doom monger (suppose better than being a greedy t**t) - I think its fair to say that he got the hump and left pretty quickly with the comment "things are not right for a crash it just wont happen" signs of a stressed builder maxed out in my opinion! Incidentally, coming home from work the other day, Wilima H Brown for sale sign just off Queens Road with another little round sticker been placed in the middle "now in our sale" translated - we cant sell it and we know the market is dropping out and we need to earn some commission !!!
  8. This is only my second post so apologies if its incorrect in any way, been watching for a long time nice to see others from round ere I was thinking I was the only one, especially when I sit opposite someone at work who is gushing about purchasing a 3 bed new build for over £225k and thinks I am a miserable toad for my opinion on house prices, myself just sold (and completed) on my house in NR1 for stupid amount of money, waiting for now. That ex LA flat now STC (who nows if it will ever complete!) - surely this cant keep going on......
  9. Hi, been lurking around for a far while (seems I am one of a fair few that are of late!!) I read most peoples postings and think this is a great site. Im a 30 something female, curently working in Financial Services, my other half runs his own company dealing with the building trade currently experiencing a down turn, lots lets builders etc turning up round here with wads of cash !! Bought a house in my early 20's, for £48,000, two bed semi, garage, en-suite (bradford and Bingley would at the time only lend me enough for a shed!) sold nearly 10 years later at £109,950. Bought up to a 3 bed semi for £124,950 and have just sold, completed and banked the profit after unsuccessfully renting the place for a year (never again!) Live with my other half and children and we really want to move to a 4 bedroom detached house, we both work hard (although I have now been placed under threat of redundancy - ) it seems ludicrous that at best we are expected to spend about another £100k for one extra bedroom. Anyway, hopefully I can add something extra to these threads, in the meantime I am going to keep reading and learning
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