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  1. worse than california. between the total devastation of the housing market, and the loss of many of the industrial jobs lately, ireland really is in a scary position. and there really are no solutions except for painful ones. it's almost as if the people individually and nationally just need to declare bankruptcy, and start over with a lower standard of living.
  2. sooo, people that just randomly drop in thier monetary status are tossers? I can agree with that. however, it's more funny to me that the people that don't have jobs or families, are so ready to bash those that do. Im not sure about anyone else, but if Ive been in a good job for a bit and have a nice family, having to come home one day and tell everyone that its now the benefits train we are going to be riding WOULD be a blow to the ego, and I don't think that that's unnatural or bad in the slightest.
  3. unfortunately in your economy I couldn't recommend to anyone to lend money except as acts of charity. there is a lot of unnecessary drama that goes along with lending that really isn't worth taking on if you aren't going to make a profit from it. I personally think that people are more than entitled to earn a profit for risking their money, and any society that disallowed that is going to see lending come to a skreetching stop.
  4. then why would a person loan money to a small business that is looking to startup or expand? the goodness of their hearts?
  5. it certainly doesn't have to be a percentage, it could easily be a fee or series of fees, but it is going to come to the same thing in the end. if you can't see a lender spreading the risk over the whole group of borrowers, then how do you propose that he cover the risk? and making a profit?
  6. you keep skipping over that you have to receive more on the loan that you gave in order to cover the losses you will eventually entail when someone doesn't repay. if you want to loan your friend a fish, and accept a fish in return, that's your prerogative. if you want to start a business lending fish, you need to receive more to stay in business, to even tread water. as far as the car, how would you suggest making good for the wear and tear on the car BESIDES money or an asset etc?
  7. even for preservation it doesn't make sense. if I want to preserve my car, every time you drive it you are using it up. letting someone drive it without making a corresponding amount of money for at least repairs and replacement, is the absolute opposite of preservation.
  8. I actually agree with you. I don't mind people that don't appreciate the same things I do, it's the people that feel it's somehow noble to eat the cheapest beans, wear the most second hand clothing, and never a pay a dime more than absolutely necessary. to me it's more sad than anything that people live such third world lifestyles, and often not to any significant benefit.
  9. wage inflation is something I never hear answered well by the bulls. in theory we could enter into a period of high inflation, and eventually could see wage rises because of that. but right this moment, there are very few pressures forcing wages up, and until there is a drastic sea change, I don't expect to see any surprises.
  10. that's not necessarily true. the people looking for green homes, and a green town especially aren't always as profit focused, so even in a general downturn, you could see growing green concerns.
  11. you are usually a lot more precise with your logic. this is full of assumptions and things that aren't likely true. if my goal for a thing was preservation, I certainly wouldn't hand it out to be used free of charge. and in the case of money, the purpose of lending isn't wealth preservation, it's wealth creation. you expect more out of it than you put into it. otherwise you are better off sticking it under the mattress, itd be a lot safer.
  12. that's why you charge interest on every transaction you do so that ultimately you can frontload and offset the possible losses from death etc.
  13. sure it is. the actual information being sent degrades during transmission. the error correction counters this. the channel could only be called error proof if the error correction couldn't possibly fail. unfortunately that just isn't true.
  14. I think you are attributing black holes with characteristics that they don't have (infinite density) then disagreeing with those characteristics. like I said, you can believe what you want, just be careful. as trendy as is it to disagree with modern science, the number of people that were actually correct is pretty small.
  15. but that isn't always possible. it could easily happen that the person dies before they repay the water. if you haven't been taking in interest of some form, when theat happens, you are just totally out in the cold.
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