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  1. About 6-7 people bidding on Arundal, though she would have bidded forever it seems... Certainly would have been nice to have a chat. Girlfriend has now exhanged(!) on the Avenue property so I'm moving in with her and going to forget about property prices for a while. So I may not be around here much, I found the whole property search/worry/stress with her very draining, I still hope prices keep dropping, but at the end of the day once you've bought (or your partner has) there's no point worrying so we're just going to enjoy it, even if it drops 50k it'll still be home. Good luck everyone!
  2. Thanks for the advice, duly noted. I went to the auction to see what was going on, very quiet room, about 30 people there. Arundal went for £355k to some hysterical lady, I get the impression she would have never stopped bidding, she looked like she was crying the whole way through. Out of 8 lots, 4 were removed, one garage sold around guide (somewhere miles away via telephone) 2 didn't reach reserve, including the Brunswick property which only had 2 bids (up to £175k) then stopped dead.
  3. Regarding the Arundal property, went to view it, was in a pretty bad state, no kitchen to speak of, but nothing too worrying really just needs complete refurb. However the main problem was the layout towards the back was tricky and it's Grade I listed, would work better as a large 2 bed, front room was fantastic with great views of the sea. Only 3 people viewed it when I was there, and about 9 the previous viewing according to the register. It was too much work for my Girlfriend & I who were considering looking for something to live in and work on at the same time. Went to look at the Brunswick auction flat too which had permission to convert to 2 bed, but the flat would have been way too small as 2 bed and not cheap anyway at £180-190k guide. It looks like my she will continue with a 2 bed purchase in one of the Avenue's in Hove, she got 25-30k off the original asking price (£275k) and she's looking to exchange in the next month or so. She seems happy to take a drop over the next few years as she is looking longer term and is being helped with the deposit, an offer which might not be there forever. Myself I would wait, but she's been looking for 6 months now and is tired of renting, I was hoping something would come up which would persuade her to consider the auction property but time is running out...
  4. Congratulations whatnow?, sounds like you got a good one, enjoy it! A lot of users here seem to overlook that people actually enjoy owning and living in their own home, it's not all about money (though it sounds like you did well there too!)
  5. Thank you tigsrenting, seems like there's alot of interest, going to have a look tomorrow.
  6. Anyone know which auction house this is up with? http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...p;agentid=05160
  7. That's what I thought, however they seem to have details of a Brighton propertyI can't find at any auctioneers?
  8. Weird.... Slightly off topic but has anyone used "Choices" for getting details on auction properties? It's a service that costs £300 and I'm not sure if it's a scam or not...
  9. The only thing I guess I can suggest for my friend is to gazunder. What else can someone do who has to buy now and can't wait?
  10. Linda, where is your Hove flat if you don't mind me asking, I know someone in the market for one, be interesting to see how the sale goes.
  11. The drops I'm talking about were never 'advertised' it was more in a phone call from the agent "we've been notified by the vendor that they would accept £250k for such and such" Therefore these wouldn't show on PropertyBee, same must go for houses.
  12. They do look happy there... This thread seems a bit quiet these days, where's everyone ? The only update I have is that my friend is currently buying a 2 bed flat in Hove (I know, I know, however she has a one time only offer of an interest free loan for half of the flat, but she has to take it now to get it). She was looking up to £250k and found a flat that was originally advertised at £275k which they accepted her offer of £250k, around the same time she was called to say that 3 sellers with flats from £260 - £275k would all take £250k. I'm obviously worried about her buying now but her circumstances are pretty unique and I've offered her all the advice I can. The only way I can think of protecting her from the market is to buy at auction but there's no 2 bed flats coming up at the mo?
  13. Yep, walked passed it last night, it's gone for sure! Covered up well, all logo's gone, windows painted, one A4 sheet selotaped to the door with a contact phone number... bless.
  14. Mishon Mackay Western Road branch has....... GONE!
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