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  1. ? We digress, and, returning to the topic, I wish I could choose a reality where Marx's "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" is the law.
  2. 11.4 times national average wage? So, nothing abnormal, business as usual then? FFS!
  3. It's a cursed place. Used to be West 45 - a brand new sparkling office block with a lonely security guard that stood empty for a year or two. Then it was demolished and is now being replaced with this monstrosity. Buy the time it's complete, they'll probably pay you to move in.
  4. "The road up and the road down are the same thing." - Heraclitus.
  5. https://www.nationalrentersalliance.co.uk/news/affordability/renters-uk-spend-average-62-per-cent-incomes-rent/ No wonder the rest of our economy is crewed.
  6. is that comrade Lenin on your avatar? )))
  7. ...and that's when Omerigan demograssy springs to life: bomb the "terrorists" to shit, hang their president, kill whatever stands in their way.... you know the rest.
  8. the world is well past emotional stage - somebody HAS to pay for their oil (and tourism )
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