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  1. So the global bailouts. By Governments. So as well as manipulating the Western World into slavery for a pay to exist mentality. Our governing powers will now 'control' our finances, that has me worried. ID cards are one thing - chipping wheelie bins another - but having power & control to this extent is utter madness. As nations, the UK and the US are slowly having their human rights gently eroded away from them, from right under their noses. Staggering no voting systems in place to ask the "working-robots" if they would like to contribute more of their ever displacing salaries into the Governements debt bucket. Pure scam from start to finish. Shall we talk about the NWO again??!
  2. "We have thought about it for a fair while now, you only get one shot at life , 9-5 for the rest of my life to pay for a liitle box in a cold, damp country ruined through political correctness, immigration and a huge public sector of nitwits means we are off." Absolutely, how else can it be explained ? It took me 31 years of my life to come to the same conclusion. I left the UK 5 years ago and am now the proud owner, of the only materialistic thing I wished for, a New Zealand Passport. One poster commented the grass is always greener, this is true but only to an extent, sunlight and blue skies make one massive difference to your state of mind and wellbeing, something I feel is now an eroded memory to the UK. (That's both the weather & wellbeing BTW) I do wonder with global recession albeit upon us, how different countries immigration policies will change in the coming years? Imagine that #anker Brown halting all outward emmigration? Actually I can - the ultimate identity power and control programme. Saying that elections are due here in a month, New Zealand First party leader, Winston Peters annouced yesterday that he wishes to severly reduce inward immigration into New Zealand, going from 45,000 to 10,000 in order to stop foreigners competing for jobs with New Zealanders. This is obviously because here in New Zealand people have finally cottoned on to the fact recession has arrived. So although I have my 'pass' to NZ and Oz finally, I do feel quite sorry, no anxious, about my brother and his little family in the UK. Life here is not amazingly different, just peaceful and relatively stress free with long sunny days and no one whinging about anything and everything! So in conclusion I would say if you can, go. We haven't even touched on future World War targets, I guess that is obvious to most if they are interested. I haven't been back for a couple of years and will be soon, for a "holiday" - what a laugh! - buy an umbrella! - but I have to say I have done it on my tod so if you have family it would be easier emotionally I would guess. The full "adjustment" from missing friends and family took me about a year and a half, once you battle thru' that you're set. Not sure about Spain though, they are surely in recession no? Getting the kids education sorted in the UK probably wouldn't be a bad idea though. Anyway - good luck - and you'll find yourself back on this forum more than you think!!
  3. So. Governments globally are 'bailing out' banks. A nieve question maybe, but say, just a chance, that 'new' business for banks ends forthwith, what happens when the citizens can't pay anymore taxes to support this devious plan?
  4. For all the hastle involved with applying for JSA - moving of funds blah blah, it really isn't worth all the scrutiny and ******** for 60 quid a week - is it? Try claiming housing benefit too... almost impossible. So 60 quid a week to pay for food/housing/council tax/tv licence etc etc. Forget it, get any job - one day a week you'll be better off. The thing with JSA is the fact that you spend half your time drinking, the other half worrying about whether you will actually get a decent job again. EMIGRATION IS THE KEY.
  5. Some people will choose to go through life oblivious to the truth until, eventually it hits them square between the eyes
  6. I and many others on here appreciate your views and comments. We're all pretty alone really when you think about it. Keep up the posts - life will get better it just all takes time for the mind to process.
  7. If he was troll he'd been doing a lot more than backing up most of our views - don't you think? Poor bloke's signed off with depression, drinking 8 lagers and being pretty honest i think. Am i a troll 2 ?
  8. Gordon Brown could easily write a book. It could be one sentence long, "I am a T1T"
  9. markinspain, i think it was fairly accurate in what it had to say. Okay so he gets a bit carried away, so be it. He's right.
  10. Was in George St, Sydney last week, still hasn't changed much. An excellent place to be. Surely you're not in the UK now? surely?
  11. Stagflation fears move Fed to curtail rate cuts Daily Telegraph : 2:48am BST 22/05/2008 The US Federal Reserve has signalled the end of its recent run of interest rate cuts amid fears that the American economy is set to enter a new period of stagflation. The news sent US equity markets tumbling, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing down 227.5 points at 12601.2 as investors came to terms with the Fed's change of tack. The Fed believes that prospects for both the American housing and employment markets remained 'bleak' The central bank said its most recent rate cut at the end of April was a "close call," with the majority of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) believing that further reductions are unlikely even if the economy contracts further. Minutes from the meeting of the FOMC - the central bank's interest-rate setting body - showed a surprise reduction in the Fed's growth predictions for the US economy, down to 0.3pc-1.2pc for 2008 from its previous forecast of 1.3pc-2pc set three months ago. The Fed also raised the prospect of increasing inflation, with economists returning to the view that the US economy could yet enter a period of stagflation - with stagnant growth and significant levels of inflation. A number of FOMC members believe the US economy will prove to have contracted in the first six months of this year but will begin to recover in the latter half. The latest minutes also reveal an increase in the Fed's core inflation expectations - which strip out fuel and food - to 2.2pc-2.4pc from an earlier forecast of 2pc-2.2pc. "The clear terminology about growth and inflation in the Fed's comments is like a bucket of cold water," said Peter Kenny, of Knight Equity Markets. "The last time we had a sustained period of stagflation, the only way we got out of it was through aggressive rate hikes that shocked the system. The fact rates will have to go up is what people are worried about." FOMC members remain nervous about inflation and admit that the rising price of oil will put upward pressure on prices "over the next few quarters". The financial crisis in full Meanwhile, the Fed gave little hope to US consumers in terms of the housing and employment markets, saying that prospects for both remain "bleak". The central bank increased its unemployment rate forecast to 5.5pc-5.7pc for the current year from 5.2pc-5.3pc. In a damning indictment of the state of the US economy at large, and in spite of President Bush's $150bn (£75bn) fiscal stimulus package, the minutes said consumer spending "appeared to have slowed to a crawl". One ray of hope came from US exports, which, thanks to the weak dollar and strong growth in Asian markets, continue to be strong. Some FOMC members voiced concern that slower growth overseas could dampen exports in the future.
  12. and he was a prize T1T on that apprentice programme too.
  13. Still makes me smile in my 'mind' when they say to you, "yeah there are big problems ahead, but i'm not selling for anything less." Two mates at work here in nz are wishing to sell their properties, one a life style block with 24 acres, one a 1/4 acre section and house. Both wooden contruction like a high percentage over here. Anyway been speaking to both of them and one other for the last 12 months about my opinion about the coming crash. About 9 months ago one took me seriously when i went through some theories and sold his house. Prices are dropping here now as the average new zealander and british counterpart have had the same obsession about 'having to buy' a property. The other 2 didn't agree but said they would wait to sell, they are still to this day, asking the same price as 4 months ago and refuse to lower the price. I've just said if you need to sell don't follow the market down. They just look confused and then the conversation defuses, thankfully. Was speaking to a friend in England with the same mindset of just waiting... What are they waiting for? All three need to sell: One wants to emigrate to Australia The second wants to retire at 65 but needs the proceeds to live off. The last have a baby and need a 2 bed. I am confused that despite at last, they accept house prices are only going in one direction, the denial about it affecting them despite all properties being on the market over 6 months is mind numbing!
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