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  1. I don't think I have done a mistake at all ! I started in Bulgaria by buying three old properties in Veliko Turnovo ( found them very cheap ) , which then I renovated and furnished them and after four months sold them all ! Yes I have sold three properties and with the capital re-invested in Bulgaria ! I rent out my property in central Varna with a long term contract to an expax and my Borovets restaurant is also let long term I think people that make such a comments about Bulgaria don't know the market in depth ! Sorry I didn't know this forum is for countries like UK and US I though it's general overseas forum ..... Any Bulgarian property owners out there at all ???
  2. Hello everyone , I don't see Bulgararis much mentioned in this forum ! I have bought in Bulgaria 7 properties , was involved with couple of renovation projects too and quite happy with my investment. Was wondering how the other Bulgarian property owners are doing ? Fran
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