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  1. I suspect the real chance of this happening was a lot less than this. Note: When someone with a avatar of a picture of gold coins posts this kind of apparent near certain prediction, with only one justifying article (from someone who founded gold321.com), it doesn't take a genius to work out that it's probably rubbish.
  2. why bother making posts like this without any kind of analysis or justification? are you actually looking forward to some kind of economic collapse?? From browsing this site thats the impression I seem to get from a lot of regular posters. Please answer because I just dont get the motivation behind posts of this nature?
  3. another cracking interview by Palin, I think even GWB comes across as more coherent. than her. Palin interview
  4. I have been a long time part-time lurker of these forums and have been amazed at the accuracy to which some of the economic/financial predictions have become, and are seemingly becoming reality. Around a year ago I was thinking about buying a flat, but after seeing the huge prices at the time, I thought I'd better do some serious research first, and consequently came across this website. So fortunately I managed to avoid making a huge financial mistake and didn't buy, so thank you to the regular posters of this site who I have gained a lot of valuable information from in the last year. So now I find myself in a position with a fairly large deposit saved up from the last 3-4 years and plan to buy a property when prices reach a more reasonable value in a year or two or more. However lately I have become increasingly concerned about the rise of inflation and the continual drop in sterling. A third of my future deposit is in an ISA and the rest in an e-savings account. My first plan was to simply put my e-savings part into a e-bond at 6.75% and hope for the best, but after reading through various threads on this site and elsewhere, it seems a better course of action may be to invest some of my sterling elsewhere in other currencies, gold, commodities or the stock market. So I guess I'm asking would you think the second path is a reasonable one for someone like myself who has no experience of investing, and only a small but fast growing knowledge of economics and finance, or it would be too big of a gamble and should I just stick to investing in the the high interest e-bonds for the time being until I gain more knowledge and understanding of investing? Thanks.
  5. not being rude, but original post seems like something straight out of the daily mail to me. Lacking in facts, filled with conjecture and written in an over the top manner. please take with a pinch of salt.
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