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  1. Hi ya'll, We finally bought a wee house. It is near Glasgow, in Scotland, not in NI where we lived through the Great Bubble and where I have joined this forum, which helped me keep sane. The 3BR semi is small and nothing fancy, but it's ours outright - no mortgage. Thanks to all who confirmed that the Buggle was just a bubble, not the beginning of a new era of houses worth their weight in gold!
  2. BB, your jokes gave me hearty laugh! I do miss Belfast. Here's a real story, not a joke. Our friends moved to Belfast from Russia in the early nineties. When their daughter learned enough English, the kids in school asked her: "Are you Protestant or Catholic?" "I am Russian Orthodox" was her answer. The next question was: "Are you Russian Orthodox Protestant, or Russian Orthodox Catholic?" From personal experience, if you are an apparent outsider, you are treated fairly well. On both sides of the Peace Wall.
  3. It still is. Through the insane interest rates. But not to the same extentas in the States.
  4. Yeah, I am! Have a granddaughter now, unfortunately half the world away. Sitting here in Edinburgh right now, but hope to be back to Belfast some day - to buy a nice house for cash (we can do it now!).
  5. You've done well. It will fall further, but nothing as dramatic as between 2007 and now.
  6. As I was looking at houses for sale in 2006 (until I fully realised there was an unsustainable bubble), a lot of them were in a horrible state. All of them sold well above the original asking price.
  7. Sogy


    Rent a house. These are cheaper.
  8. No, it's that people have to live somewhere. And - the Peace Dividend!
  9. A lot of small BTL. Spilled over their own bubble. Got burned badly, worse than the locals or the english speculators (as the pound fell too). The speed of the bursting (compared to England) is a testimony to this.
  10. Luckily, they don't have enough money to prolong the madness. Generally, NI is lucky to have been bought wholesale by the "enterprising" cousins from An Poblacht. Their government isn't able to prop up the mess, so they go bust and their NI "portfolios" go for sale. Not so on the Mainland... Westminster & the BoE are propping up the stupid and the profligate, while the Russian mega-crooks are helping to still inflate the London prices.
  11. WHAT???!!! I thought the prices would go UP now, as they should!
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