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  1. Another 'Group' selling overpriced tat going under....Great !!! Feels like we are going through a cleansing process, with the closure of 'rip-off' shops.
  2. Are Moben Kitchens & Dolphin Bathrooms part of the same group ??
  3. I feel individual Ford dealerships will have to price their cars independently to others to achieve sales targets. These announcements are just noise IMO.... here's a local dealer offering a focus click here ........what's there saying that they wouldn't knock off another 1000GBP if it was the 'end of the month' !! Local Vauxhall dealerships are offering 4-5000k off the new Insignia.
  4. Nope Super T...... just a 'Theory' :0) Honestly.....
  5. she probably lost it whilst wiping that fat a**e !! Black Hole Theory applies......
  6. How about this one for 45GBP..... Sat Nav from Ebuyer I currently use 'the force' to get around...... end up getting lost alot of the time
  7. Many Thanks for the correction Lepista Lost track once food was mentioned !!
  8. I will have to consult with my mum she makes her own garam masala..... she supplies me too !!..... this is another reason why curry's taste different from house-to-house, as alot of asians make their own spice combinations, especially garam masala.
  9. Answers to your questions..... Green or beige cardamon pods may be used.... Cinamon sticks are the curly when bought whole......two 5cm pieces is fine. Not used cassia bark before ??? Passatta is fine Looking at few comments down thread.... yes, do experiment with different quantities/spices, Indian cooking is not this 'special art' some people think it is .... Also the recipe I posted is how a majority of Gujarati Indians cook chicken or lamb (just substitute lamb for chicken)...... alot of the foods eaten in restaurants does not resemble real indian food in the slightest, but it's what you enjoy as an individual, is what is important !! Happy cooking.
  10. Here goes an authentic recipe..... 1. Hot Oil, throw in 4 cardiamon pods, 4 cloves & 2 cinamon sticks, allow to brown 2. Add 3-4 finely chopped small cooking onions, allow to soften 3. Add approx 4 chicken thighs & 4 chicken drumsticks & say 1/2lb of chicken breast 4. Add 1/2 tsp tumeric, 1/2 tsp corriander powder, 1/2 tsp jeera powder, 1/2 tsp chilli powder & 1 tsp salt 5. cover saucepan, allow to simmer for approx 5-10 mins 6. Add 3-4 chilli's, 3 cloves of garlic (grated) & piece of ginger (grated- a piece the size of 2GBP coin) 7. Stir in 3 chopped tomato's or small tin of tomato puree 8. Add water to just cover surface of chicken 9. allow to simmer for approx 1 hour 10. add salt for personal taste 11. Fresh coriander to garnish. This authentic version has a watery sauce compared to restaurant versions..... add more onions for a thicker sauce. Let me know how it compares to a restaurant version of a chicken curry ?
  11. Yep here's one in sunny N.Leicester..... ....what a mess, guess it was taken on by a 'Have-a-go' hero ) Unfinished project
  12. IIRC, under the 'Snooping Law' do HMG already have 'blackboxes' at all UK ISP's...... it is my understanding that all internet traffic is monitored (by software) and all IP addresses are recorded...... Anyone care to enlighten me ???
  13. I used to own a Subaru, their policy is oil change every 6 months or 5k miles...... possibly a reason why their reliability is seen to be very good...... also heard turbo-diesels (BM's) have an extended servicing period i.e. 20K miles, they have had a lot of turbo failures...... My advice oil & oil filter change every 5-6k miles !!
  14. Weebag.... can this be justified by selling cars at twice the price in the UK....... I truly believe us Brits get taken for a ride !!
  15. We in the UK are always being shafted in prices when purchasing new cars....... read in June 2008 copy of What Car, of car prices in the US..... new Golf GTI (in US) costs approx 10k GBP new BMW X5 (in US) costs approx 20K GBP If Germany wants to kick start the car market here in the UK..... quote those prices at our showrooms !!!
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