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  1. Lol...the private sector are dumber than they look ;o) Wonder if they were to be told to go jump under a bus they'd do that as well?
  2. Hmmm... Public sector bails out the greedy private sector and private individual who borrows beyond their means then the private sector demands everyone in the public sector be sacked to recover the debt they created.... Interesting...
  3. Maybe a doctor disappointed with what he sees around him feeling sorry for easy targets being abused. The whole NHS needs a kick up the backside!
  4. Couldn't be the Consultant Contract awarding Consultants a 40%+ pay rise for less work...couldn't be nurses joining Bank / Agency and charging through the nose!
  5. Oh dear...medics are of course pure as the driven snow. You don't see nurses standing around doing nothing. You don't find doctors / consultants bunking off their NHS work to pick up private work. Mistreatment of patients is clearly a result of admin folk miss-prescribing and neglect. Medics could easily run a hospital on their own. Hmmmm, wonder what would happen to the NHS if the service wasn't monitored and measured. Evidence proves that when things go unmonitored and measured they improve and outperform all previous standards under their own steam. Basic human nature of enjoying the gravy train, improved status and life style is left at the door when you chose a medical profession. There are no self serving egotists in the medical profession at all. Non of them are out for themselves grabbing inflated wages at the first opportunity. How dare anyone think for an instant that medical staff are less that practically perfect people. Pure as the driven snow!
  6. Random thoughts, comments and ideas. Film the bailiff for evidence, that might force them to play the game to the letter of the law ) I thought for a bailiff to gain access to your home (forcefully) with the correct legal papers they had to have a police officer present? That assumes you don't let them in of course. Never use force against anyone unless life n limb depends upon it, call the police. Go get proper advice, don't read it on the net!!! Go to the CAB or get 10 mins with a solicitor. I think many solicitors will give you 10 mins free to decide if you have a case. You then have the option of engaging their services. Report the matter to the police claiming you suspect the bailiff is bogus! Write to your MP Write to the local paper Don't councils have a public relations department (internal police and such like)? Offer to negotiate payment and string it out whilst you're investigating the above. Pay the debt by credit card and keep swapping it between cards whilst you fight it. Change your name so they can't service papers on you (does that work..lol..) Change address (see above comment) Move all your valuables to mates / relatives house. Get a rocking-chair, put it outside your front door...sit in it...clutch a shotgun...rock...twitch...mutter...drink moonshine from jam-jar... Any of that any good? Cheers...A
  7. Same scheme in private sector costs the same as the public sector, they're no different. Back in the day, people chose between public and private sector thinking public sector = more money and public sector = less money but more stability. You pay your money, you take you chances! The old pension schemes aren't open to new employees in the public sector.
  8. If the public sector closed down, what would happen to all the people? There aren't enough private sector jobs to cover everyone in the country...who would pay for them and how would they be paid for? In the NHS, medics (doctors and nurses) grab the lions share of the cash, they had massive pay rises. Under Agenda for Change everyone else in the NHS got diddly squat. Don't forget the front line staff couldn't / wouldn't do their jobs if they weren't supported by the backroom boys n gals. On the private NHS treatment side, they only do the simple stuff because the rest isn't profitable. They are also very limited in equipment they have available. Whilst you're on the slab in a private hospital, if something goes wrong, you're in a serious world of hurt because they can't deal with it, they call an ambulance. In an NHS setting you'll be looked after and possibly be in critical care within minutes! Neither the public or the private sector is perfect, both are key and very much needed.
  9. Peak Oil Theory is BS... I was an organic chemist working in the field of alternative energy and bio-fuels. I left because it's all utter crap...a quick search on Peak Oil Theory myth gave this link: http://www.prisonplanet.com/archives/peak_oil/index.htm There are loads more examples similar to this. Top and bottom of it all is that the truth will fall somewhere in between the extremes. Don't worry so much ;o)
  10. Diversify.... I was taught that the best way to look after yourself in times of uncertainty is to have a "Diversified Portfolio". I can't advise where to put your money, but, my advice would not be to have it all in one place or one type of investment. Spread it out. You're not likely to see big gains, however, you're also not likely to see big loses. The only other aspect to consider is liquidity. How quickly do you need to get hold of your money? If you're likely to need it quite quickly then stocks n shares is not the way to go. IMHO
  11. ok...I'll bite...what's the catch here? We're saying all we need to do is dump our savings into this Egg Money card thing and we get 4% AER, we can still use it as a Mastercard and we can transfer money out easily too? Am I missing something here? It just seems too easy.
  12. How does that work? I have one of these cards and was wondering if you get the same credit card protection on purchases if you keep the card in credit? I primarily use the card simply as a credit card and was wondering if I should consider using it as a deposit account instead? Cheers...Alkemist
  13. Maybe Egg is looking to the future rather than simple past credit history. Could it be that Egg are identifying customers who it feels in the future maybe a risk. I presume if a customer has previously paid off the complete balance each month but has just purchased a new house that would make them a risky prospect. Maybe they are profiling professions and ditching customers it thinks could be made redundant in the near future. It's probably a combination of a whole range of factors. I have an Egg card a pay everything off each month and have done for many years now, but, I haven't received a letter!
  14. Thanks for the info...admittedly I've always found this site seemingly one of the best source of info, but, maybe at times I'm left wondering how unbiased the opinions are here...no offence meant to anyone... In my experience nothing is usually quite what it seems. I'm convinced the house price "correction" is neither going to be as bad or as good as many folk have predicted. I'm personally hoping for the biggest crash possible because I'm yet to get on the property ladder. I'm saving to be able to put down the largest deposit possible to negate any problems arising from higher mortgage interest rates. The point of my query is to make sure I'm knowledgeable in this area by reading as much reliable commentary as possible. I don't want to miss the boat next time around and am going to try and make the best decision possible. I'm now waiting for the time all the experts on this site start posting messages advising to buy buy buy!!! That being said, how do we know when to buy, how is this going measured, how do we know when the market has bottomed out...what are the buy signals?
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