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  1. Fun thread you started, mushroom dude. Although I like VP's primer - misplaced apostrophes in particular are like annoying mosquitoes to me - like it or not, grammar will always be evolving, or de-evolving if you prefer. If enough people write it's when they mean its, for example, eventually that will become the accepted usage. I have found ianupton's posts to be completely understandable despite the fact that he appears to be channelling ee cummings. The boy's even got some poetry in him (along with what appears to be an unpleasant streak of ageism which one assumes he'll grow out of. And no, I don't mind ending a sentence with a preposition any more than I'm ashamed to begin it with 'and'.)
  2. If I want advice about cults and brainwashing I'll take it from somebody other than Jim Jones.
  3. I merely thought you were being a little facile. I'm generally an optimist, but with a warmonger in the white house I don't see peace descending on that region anytime soon.
  4. Depends how settled down you think it's going to get. I'm thinking When Hell Freezes Over.
  5. Great post. That KOTC seems unable to properly reply to it simply shows that he's not interested in informed, intelligent discussion.
  6. "About 5000 words of intelligence, personal insight, la condition humaine, humour, sadness, learning, quirkiness, street wisdom, friendly nuncle-ism, benevolent been-there-done-that-here's-the T-Shirt-ism, how-to-make-an-honest-buck-ism." - how someone at TMF described one of his recent posts. If there's one thing he's not, it's just another poster. My apologies for raising a glass over here if it offends you, and 'fan club' was a bit over the top, but I thought that people who hadn't heard about him might want to check it out. After all, that's how I heard about this site: from somebody, somewhere else. I might add, posting in this thread seems counter-productive for your purposes, Confitor. It just brings it back up to the top.
  7. Does anyone else keep an eye out for his posts over at TMF?
  8. I think one of the things that winds people up is the "I'm alright Jack" vibes that many bulls and their apologists exude.
  9. She's obviously allowed; I was taking liberties. Sorry.
  10. For a die-hard rightwinger you're not so bad.
  11. More socialists and fewer Ferengi capitalists would be nice.
  12. Nobody likes to think they are part of the problem.
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