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  1. Anyone has got an answer? Sorry, but I'm not english and I don't know how this is working here. Thanks!
  2. Is it a good idea to transfer my cash Lloyds isa (about 5000GBP at the moment) to the cash icesave isa? Or should I wait the beginning of the new financial year? Are the interest of the lloyds isa calculated daily or if I transfer now I will lose the 2007/2008 interests? Thsnk a lot!
  3. Where do you check the gold quote? I use the kitco chart that has been updated just a couple of minutes ago to 16.95, so I assume that is 10/15 minutes late. Thanks
  4. How much standard life is involved in the subprime crisis?
  5. Hi guys, I have to invest about 90K... I would like to invest them for one year time. Reading the forum, the best thing to do seems to be, investing in cash bonds... is it still the right choice to do it now, after what's happening in the UK economy? Can you tell me between 3 to 5 product where I should invest my 30K (3 investment of 30K) Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you for all your advices. Natwest I have already paid the survey fee about 350 and the solicitor fee of 150... I don't think there are any other fees involved at the moment Yes, I think it's just a matter of price... it is far from "the property that suits me perfectly" I was just trying to enter in the property ladder and stop paying the rent as soon as I could buy Don't care too much' I move a lot for work, but just the though that I would be a property owner makes me feel good
  7. Hi guys, I am a first time buyer with no finance knowledge. I am exchanging the contract in two weeks for a property in London (3 bedroom for 220). Should I stop everything now and wait 3/4 months to see what's happen or just keep with my original plan of bying the 3 beedroom flat, rent 2 beds and take one for me? I will not have problem in paying the mortgage even if the rate increases. Any advice is welcome!
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