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  1. How is all this possible despite all the bailouts? The bank are emplying something known as "pop up accounting" where a funds are transfered onto the balance sheet and bonuses paid accordingly. The said funds are then moved onto the next hopeful where the funds "pop up" onto their balance sheet bonuses paid and so on and so on. Its an old trick.
  2. I love the ironic bit at the end of your question Steve. Goodbye Gordon! <big grin>
  3. On Skynews now........... http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/...revent_Problems Nothing about quantative easing though.
  4. What is worse? Doing nothing or doing something however bad it is, that can even make things worse just so you can say" oh at least we are doing something..............."
  5. Did anyone hear 5live on Weds morning.? Labours idiot Prisons minister David Hanson got slaughtered by his Conserative oppersite number Nick Herbert. Listen to it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00gd5bt Fast forward to 2hrs 22 minutes when the fun begins.......................
  6. Just been into Arnold in Nottingham. This place is usually quite busy on the run up to xmas, but it was dead. 5 people on the market, no one in the barbers and very few people walkng about in between the shops. All very bizarre. It was strange that the barber said only 1 cashpoint was working in the whole of Arnold.
  7. Figures are due out 18th November. My guess is 4.8%
  8. £ is under pressure at the moment, down to $1.53
  9. More pie in the sky economics................ Japan has a huge manufacturing base, whereas we inport everything. Inflation would skyrocket and the pound would be toast.
  10. 39 year old dolphin trainer. ( not really i'm a machine tool programmer, I use that line at parties as an ice breaker ) Wife and 2 kids living in a 3 bed mid town house apparently "worth" 90k. Bought it in 1989 for 38k, paid morgage off. Mother in law moved in with us when father in law passed away so I sold her house from under her lol kidding. Substantial amount from house sale and savings in various bank accounts, so worried about the banks going under. Waiting for the house prices to hit rock bottom before I buy a substantial house with no mortgage.
  11. They have just done a round of 100 or so redundacies, so thet arn't in good shape.
  12. And what would happen to Marriots? , thought they were BB's estate agent arm?
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