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  1. Unfortunately that is the truth. I have kids and I can't wait an unspecified time for prices to drop. Just need to compromise and buy an over-priced house that I can afford. Maybe move again in the future if I can afford it.
  2. It's all quite confusing. I also have about £130K, am renting, and can get a mortgage of about £450K based on my salary. Was just about to put an offer in for a ~£500K house in Edinburgh but since reading a few threads on this site, plus the real possibility that there will be a 2008-style crash unfolding the next few months, I think I'll sit tight for a few more months.
  3. Oddly enough my family owns a croft house there. Right enough: no chavs, in fact there is hardly any crime in the Western Isles. People still leave their houses open.
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